Is Hilary Chihou-gumi member? (and 4 other stories on 13gen’s 6-months anniv, Shiichan, Tomu and Micha)

  June 9, 2012

Is Hilary Chihou-gumi member???

Note: Chihou-gumi is originally a group of 4gen members who come from prefectures far from Tokyo. 5 original members of Chihou-gumi are Rino Sashihara, Shizuka Ohya, Yuuka Nakanishi, Mayu Tomita and Rie Kitahara. Literal translation of Chihou-gumi is “Regional Group”. 12 gen members also have their own Chihou-gumi consists of 2 members, Rina Hirata (Arizona) and Karen Iwata (Sendai).

Rino Sashihara on G+

I’m often asked who my favorite junior member is.
That is a tough question. I don’t have any favorites. I like all the junior members.

Members that I am close to… The names that come to my mind are Joe, Paruru and Hilary. I also think I am close to Milky. I talk a lot with Da~Su~. It’s a tough question.

Rina Hirata “Hi I’m Hilary!!”
Rina Hirata “Yay! I’m so happy♡”
Rino Sashihara “Though I’m not DD (DD: I like whatever members I know)”
Rいno Sashihara “I’m close to Kanon-chan, too.”
Rina Hirata “(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(#^^#) “
Ami Maeda “I think you forgot to name me~~”
Oh… Hilary was rewarded….

X Miruki 
O Milky lol
(Sashiko wrote in Katakana , thought correct form for Milky is in Hiragana)
So it seems Hilary really likes Sashiko!
How about Yokoyama???

I think Yokoyama is not someone she considers as a junior, but rather a friend. She once talked that “Chihou-gumi are not members but my friends.”


and Yokoyama are Chihou-gumi, not my junior….. ←This is complicating.

Rina Hirata “Hilary is also Chihou-gumi!!!!”

LOL When did you become Chihou-gumi??? You are “next generation”‘s Chihou-gumi ^^
So Hilary’s Chihou-gumi means something crossing the border between countries??

I have a mixed feeling about considering Hilary as Chihou-gumi member……
Because her home town is in America (not Fukuoka)…
(the word Chihou-gumi has a sound more like rural areas of Japan, and if it includes someone from overseas, it feels really strange.)

I think it’s difficult to define “Chihou-gume”. I feel really strange if it doesn’t include Nakanishi (SKE48)….

Photo Collage Maestro Micha

Misato Nonaka on G+

I made the photo collage again. ♪
Jurina is there too. (´˘`)♡

Reina Fujie “Micha!! Please send me this photo collage!!”

Rina Hirata “It’s awesome!!”
Manatsu Mukaida “Awesome~~~~♪”
Maria Abe “It’s awesome !!”

I love this Tanamin!!!


Team K is awesome!!!

Sae Miyazawa on G+

Micha, this is awesome~~~~!! I saved it!!(((o(゚▽゚)o)))

Reina Fujie “Me, too~~~!!”
Micha “Thank you♡”

What amazing about her photo collage is… she chooses really good expressions of members!!
That’s because they are teammates!

Micha is really on the move :))

As always Tomu reacted to Tano-chan in a plain way

Tomu Mutoh on G+

After school, I did a training in the studio til a little before now (^^)

Before I knew it, it already passed the time when I am allowed to send AKB mobile mail…(_ _;)
I’m sorry( _)
Because when I left the studio, it’s raining outside, and I run under rain, I got wet to the skin ( .;)

Nana Fujita “You really work hard ∩・o・∩ “
Tomu Mutoh “Nana-san☆ Thank you so much (^^)”
Maybe it’s just business as usual of KKS, but… it’s so nice!!!

I love this photo.

Because she got so much expectation, she can’t help but moving her body, I feel ;))
I’m all for you!! Wish you good luck!!

Her comment and photo somehow conveys me her stoical personality.

I am becoming liking her↑

Yuka Tano “I’m alone in a hotel room tonight(..)”

Tomu Mutoh “Okay lol Good luck~~~☆!”

LOL What a plain reaction…….. as always.

Caution! It’s a snake photo

Shizuka Ohya on G+

※Caution! It’s a snake photo.
This is the cute snake I talked about in ANN.  He coils himself in a CHANEL logo shape.

LOL Is this a penalty or something????
So I said again and again that reptiles will never help you gain more votes…… lol
Gremlins and Alien behind her caught my attention much more than the snake…..
Guys…. There’re so many weird things other than the snake…. (such as her cloth…..)

6-month anniversary of 13gen’s debut stage

Ryouka Oshima on G+

Today is the memorial day that we mark 6-month anniversary of 13gen’s debut stage!!!

I remembered this a little while ago in a toilet(–;)

A half year…
Time flies….

Nana Fujita “Toilet?? (・o・) Congratulation!!”
Moe Aigasa(13gen) “Congratulation to 13gen for 6-month anniversary!!! By the way, we were at the same toilet a little while ago… lol”
Yui Yokoyama “Congratulation!! And… Keep close to each other~\(//∇//)\”