Election Real – Natsumi Matsubara

  June 9, 2012

Cruelness of the election you can’t see in TV broadcast

Team A of AKB48 is often called “group of stars” or “Face of AKB48“. This group is the origin of AKB48, and has AKB’s key members as it’s member, such as Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi and Mariko Shinoda.
(Skip – article described that we expected all of team A members would rank in top64 as they did in the early result)
There was not Natsumi Matsubara‘s name in top64. She could only listen to her teammates’ speeches from a distant place, sitting on the waiting seat, looking straight at them, sometime clapping hands.
She was 57th in the early result. So Budo-Kan’s stage seemed to be not an unattainable place for her. How can she not feel deeply mortified with this result?
Everything was over. As she was leaving the venue, Matsubara had a face almost crying.
Without standing on the stage, without given the chance to deliver her speech, she even couldn’t have a chance to convey her mortification to audience .


The numbers of members who are out of the ranking in the 4th election

team A 1 member
team K 4 members
team B 4 members

…. it’s hurting…

I kind of see the face behind her is smiling….

I was at Budo-Kan. Natsumi bowed deeply to four direction, and started walking with her face bend down, stupefied with deep shock, as she was leaving the venue….
It’s was really hurting to see her…..

I know she was 65th. Believe me.

Who is Natsumi close to? Who will comfort her pain??
If it were me, I would rather leave the venue with under 16 y/o members…
According to her blog, “Because I hate losing, I’m filled with the energy to live tomorrow.” 
So we may not need to worry about her too much.  :))
I’m relieved…

Natsumi Matsubara on her blog
General election was over.
First of all, to those who voted for me…..
I’m so sorry.
Thinking upon how you were feeling when you spent money to buy CDs to vote for me, and how you were feeling when you found my name wasn’t in the ranking…. I couldn’t stop tears.
And… I wanted to stand on the stage together with other members of team A…
But I also feel that it may be lucky that I could see their faces from the waiting seat (from the stage, she can only see member’s back). 
And…. because I hate losing, now I’m filled with the energy to live tomorrow.
Don’t look down, but look up and walk forward!
She just pretend to be strong, I think…
Uhmmm, but it’s not the first time she failed to rank in, so I guess she is used to be out of the ranking….
Matsubara…. you’d better express your feeling straight…

Honestly, I can’t just laugh this off. She should graduate AKB48…
But it’s gonna be more miserable if she is not AKB48 anymore.
The only choice left for her is…. just to hold out….
The fact she was in the ranking in the early result makes this all the more hurting….
And…. she could rank in in the 1st and 2nd elections….
New member of Warota should have been Matsubara… not Cidny…..
I’m one of a rare fan who has become fan of her after watched Janken Real.
But… of all others, Natsumi is close to members like Yuko or Umechan….
I guess it was tough for her as probably she had no friends to talk to yesterday…
Right behind Natsumi in dismay, Raoh (Mayumi Uchida) is honorably leaving the venue with a smile.
I searched Wikipedia for Mayumi Uchida and found her Oshi-men is Natsumi Matsubara.
At least give her luck for this audition (for the musical)…. please God….save her….