AKB48 Gatekeepers of Senbatsu

Iron-tight defense of Kasai, Minegishi, Kitahara and Yokoyama

Their iron-tight defense has crushed the dreams of many fresh faces.
This time they enough showed how powerful they are by defeating Sayanee and Milky.

Though one girl who should be there lost her position…

Gatekeepers of Senbatsu

Chu is such a stubborn!! lol

Miyazawa is the main boss of Gatekeepers, and beyond her are Chou-Senbatsu (Super Senbatsu)

Kasai                       Kitahara                       Minegishi

LOL I was really waiting for his Askii Art!!

Though she(Takajo) wasn’t thought to be the weakest among Senbatsu members…

These 3 girls are highly valued by AkiP, and have many passionate fans.

No matter what will happen, it’s a bit difficult to imagine they will fail to be Senbatsu in the future…

Kasai really showed her tenacity as she made come-back despite she had been considered over as an idol last year.

It was a lucky tailwind for her that Hori productions stopped focus their promotional efforts solely on Itano as she run into the wall last year’s election.

Unless she is the favorite of management and gets huge promotion, it’s impossible to get over Sae’s enormous wall…

Above 11th is just like a sheer cliff!!

You mean this chart?

AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Chart
What a ridiculously high wall Sae is!!

I think Okaro, Mocchi and Amina also showed their tight defense as they could block “Mass attack” of SKE48 and Ace of team 4.
But they allowed 2top of NMB48 to penetrate their barrier….
(In the context of AKB48, “2top” means the same as “Double center” or “2 front members“. This word is used to describe “position” of members on a stage. “top2” means No.1 and No.2 of a certain group. There’s a subtle difference between the 2 words (in Japanese))

So after she defeated 4 heavenly kings and their boss, and thought she could finally succeed to restore peace, she will find 8 gods (and 2 gods of SKE48) are still standing in front of her?? 
What a grueling game AKB48 is!!

It’s crazy that Yuko is stronger than W Matsui combined?? lol

Maeda Oshima
~~Realm of Gods~~

Kami8 and Sashihara ← accidentally wandered into the heaven
~~Residents of the heaven~~

Kitahara, Minegishi, Kasai
~~Gatekeepers: 4 heavenly kings~~

Takajo ←Once defeated Kasai and became one of 4 heavenly kings but counterattacked by Kasai.
Sayaka, Amina: As long as you can’t beat us, you will have zero chance to win Senbatsu positions

Please… at least give Sashihara a better title, such as…. “Trick Star”… lol

There really are many thick walls in AKB…..

The first wall: The wall to get a ticket to challenge Senbatsu members
Amina, Sayaka, Masuda, Umeda(this time she joined Senbatsu)

Now your battle for Senbatsu:
Kasai, Minegishi, Kitahara, Miyazawa

The wall you need to crush to become Kami:

Chintomo(Tomochin), Takamina, Kojima

The last wall you need to crush to join the battle for “Center”:

And Sashiko accidentally defeated this wall or maybe we should say….. she found a hidden passage!!

Sayanee, Milky and Churi were expected to become Senbatsu members but couldn’t break through these walls….

This time, I felt the weight of AKB’s history.
I’d thought that at least one more young member could crush the wall to become Senbatsu….

In that sense, Sashiko and Yuihan’s accomplishments are really tremendous.(´・ω・`)
Persistent promotion for them turned out to be a right choice.

Yaeh I really felt those walls “physically” this time….
I realized what Sashihara, Yokoyama and Umecha achieved is far greater than my first impression….

So now Jurina got the ticket to challenge Kami?
Actually she already got the ticket 2 years ago, but she couldn’t advance from that point.
Rean is more like this as the hype that she will defeat several Kami this time had been so prevailed…

So that’s why they are Kami. 
Even Rena in current situation, with her enormous popularity and passionate support from Ota, can’t defeat them?
The only reason to explain this is because they are Kami.
Once again I’m convinced that subunits have a big effect to members’ popularity.(´・ω・`)
This holds true especially to members of Not Yet.
Members of Not Yet are very close to each other and their Ota also are bond together.
I was so moved to see Kitarie, Yuko and Sassy having really kind eyes during Yuihan’s speech,.

So if she is heavily-armored with the strongest weapons like Sashihara, then she can go neck and neck with Kami….

If the wall is too thick and high, then Sashihara chooses to find a secret tunnel….

Certainly, as for Sashihara, it’s more like she cleverly crept into Kami than broke through the wall of 1gen. lol

Your description on Sashihara is genius…(´・ω・`)

Because this is what she talked about herself in yesterday’s morning TV show lol

Mariko: “I’m always waiting for your challenge (though you can’t challenge me if you are smashed by gate keepers before reaching my place)”
I made this for you guys.

AKB48 Kami 7

How pathetic fallen walls are…. lol

I couldn’t help breaking into laughter when I saw the word “an ordinary person who accidentally wandered into the heaven” lol

Hero Ume: “After the grueling fights, I finally defeated 4 heavenly kings…. it it over?”
Genking: “Gahahaha!! I’m twice as strong as Kasai!!”
Hero Ume “What the hell….”

This nonsensical mood is reminiscent of the time when we started dubbing 7 top members Kami7….
So while member have grown up so much since then, boys are still the same as ever lol

(I have to admit I still like this kind of nonsensical discussion(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ….)