Tomomi Kasai Wins The ‘Center Position Of Keiba Senbatsu’

  May 28, 2012
So no one could’t win their bets in yesterday’s Grade 1 Horse Race Nippon Derbie, making Tomomi Kasai win JRA’s campaign AKB no GachiUma by a big lead. Tomo~mi will star JRA’s commercial in fall as a center of Keiba Senbatsu which has only one member.

Her manager told her that she won the competition in the afternoon on 27th. She said that she cried out of joy in her press comment.

“I’ve started learning about Horse Racing since GachiUma had started. I read Horse Racing newspaper for the first time. I won over x100 odds bets for 2 consecutive weeks while I still knew almost nothing about Horse Racing…. I didn’t even know what x100 odds bets means…. so I was like “Yay~~~ I’m lucky!!.” But I was stunned that my name was on all the newspapers next day!!! I could also guest Horse Racing programs…. I could have experienced a lot of things through this campaign.”

27 (all AKB48 20 y/o or older members of AKB48) members had joined the campaign and Tomo~mi completely dominated the competition. She lost the first race, but won x700 odds bets in NHK mile cup on 6th!! Next week, she then again won over x100 odds bets, making her name spread through the whole nation!!! Even usually harsh readers of Yahoo J expressed their admiration to her miraculous wins!!

“I’d never been No.1 in AKB48 since I joined the gruop! So… I want to deliver “Happiness” to people as a lucky girl of AKB48″