Back To The Basics: Team B Rie Kitahara

  May 10, 2012

As she will make song writer debut for the coupling to the new single of Not Yet, 西瓜Baby / Suika Baby, fans are reminiscing the earliset days of Rie Kitahara in the early 2008.

From two channel, “Rie Kitahara fan thread Let’s Go Back To The Starting Point”

Rie Kitahara

“Rie Kitahara (北原里英 Kitahara Rie?, born June 24, 1991 inIchinomiyaAichi) is a Japanese singer, actor and voice actor. member of the Japanese idol group AKB48.

She passed the AKB’s 2nd KKS audition (5th gen members).

7th Feb, She moved to Tokyo.
1st Mar, Debuted as a back dancer for the somg 純情主義/ Junjo Syugi in team B’s 3rd stage “Pajama Drive” Revue concert
30th July, Promoted to team A
22th Oct, Selected for the Senbatsu member for AKB48’s 10th single 大声ダイヤモンド / Ogoe Diamond For the first time, and from this single she had been in Senbatsu until 18th single Beginner.

June~July, She placed in 13th in the “AKB48 13th Single Senbatsu general election ‘神様に誓ってガチです / Kamisama ni tikatte Gashidesu'” and selected for Senbatsu members of the single
23th Aug, During the evening Revue of “Memorial concert for the 135 anniversary of Yomiuri newspaper – AKB 104 Senbatsu members reformation of the cabinet”, it was announced she will move to team B (Actual transfer took place on 21th May in 2010)

17th Feb, She was chosen for the front members of 桜の栞 / Sakura no Shiori and Jacket Cover of AKB’s 2nd album 神曲たち / Kamikyoku tachi….

Note: This thread had started on 2th Mar 2008, only one day after her stage debut, and finished in June in the same year.

Let’s send our support to きたはらりえちゃん / Rie Kitaraha-chan, who made her debut in team B’s Pajama Drive revue!!

Is her name Hiragana??

We’ve yet confirmed it.. but the most likely Kanji for her name must be 北原, isn’t it?

りえ may be…. 梨絵?

Oh come on why couldn’t you wait until you know how to write her name!!

I couldn’t wait!!

LOL You seem to be really excited since you started her thread without knowing anything about her!!

She has a lot of things left to learn, but she may be gonna be a good talent in the future. Because she is slim!

Was she wearing a hat?
I only watched Generalprobe so I couldn’t remember her face…

It’s hard to figure out who is who, since さしはらりの / Rino Sashihara was also wearing a hat.

 (Sashiko also made her stage debut in the same song on the same day. At this point, everyone hadn’t know how to write their names.)

Her skin is fair? tanned?
She has tanned skin and lips..
Yeah I kinda could figure out who is she.
I believe she will be big in the future!

Her name writes as 北原里英.

KitaEri Kawaii!!!!!

I’ll go to meet her tomorrow!!!
BTW your nickname of her is wrong lol

I had mixed up KiraRie with Rino-chan….
They really look alike each other….

LOL They don’t look alike at all.

Is she good at singing, or dancing?

If she isn’t then there’s no possibility she had picked as a replacement of Mayuyu.

Haruka Ishida is more popular at this point!!

(Harukyan also made her debut on the same stage with Sashiko and KitaRie as 5gen members)

So how old is she right now???

16 y/o

She is so cute!!!

She is good at dancing, has balanced body shape, I really think she has a huge potential!!
I can’t wait to see the day she will be promoted!!!

KitaEri Kawaii KitaEri!!

Don’t bother me to correct again and again!!
Her nickname is KitaRie!!!

She said the same thing in the last show that she wants fans to remember her nickname.

I want her to be in team B!!! I want her!!! She is so cute that I can’t help support her!!!

As K-Ota… I want her to join in team K…

 She is almost perfected as a performer! It won’t take long to be promoted to be a regular member!

Please form a unit of KitaRie and SashiRino (Sashiko’s old nickname)!!!

Recently we frequently see KitaRie and Sashihara… I think Ohya (Siichan) is a funny girl but she doesn’t appear on stage lately…

KitaRie and Sashihara have similar faces and body shapes, aren’t they?

Yeah they look alike but KitaRie is cuter than Sashihara!
She is even a book nerd!!! What a Moe!!

Look this headline of this month’s Up to Boy Magazine!!!
Shinoda, Takamina, Kojiharu, MaiMai, Acchan, Mayuyu and KitaRie!!!!!

I first thought it’s a lie…. but it’s true…….!!
Awesome KitaRie!!

KitaRie’s time has come!!!
I think she is photogenic!!!

Why she can make a magazine appearance when she hasn’t yet be promoted to be a regular member???

Because she is popular and talented.

I think she is the best among B’s backup members.

Don’t call KKS nonregular member!!! They are also a member of AKB48!

My eyes were correct…… Oh come on…. I’m so happy…..

This is a surprise!!! She hasn’t yet made many stage appearance but already joined in Osare-men group!?!? (Osare = passive form of Oshi)

I think the proof that she has gotten supportive promotion can be seen the fact that she took on Mayuyu’s role in the previous Revue.

Rie-chan congratulation for your first Revue in team A!!!
I’m so happy that I could watch your first Revue!!!

I wanted to see KitaRie’s 純愛のクレッシェンド~~/ Junai no Crescendo!!

So got a so much cheers!!

F**k Haruna Kojima! Why you don’t take day off!!
(Because he thought if Kojiharu tak a day off, he could see Kitarie on team A’s stage)

Wow this is the first time I saw a hater of Harunya (Nickname of Kojiharu still hadn’t yet established at this point)…

This mood… I think it’s no problem since she is cute, but there may be a lot of people who has hatred feeling towards her…

There are also some people who has been harsh to Rino Sashihara-chan that her attitude on the stage is not polite…
KitaRie-chan is working really hard even though she doesn’t have a lot of chance to appear in Revue stage… Why don’t you support her?

So to those KitaRie fans, is it a good thing that she made a TV appearance? Or do you think it’s too early for her?

I have a mixed feeling…. On top of that I missed that TV program… orz

Ideal story is that she goes through each necessary steps to reach the big stage…

I will lose my passion for her if she will continue to enjoy unfair promotion which she is enjoying now.
I will move to SashiRino (Sashiko)… 

It seems Ogi Productions put their eyes on KitaRie-chan, but I want her to transfer to better agency…

Ogi is a nice agency!

Which do you choose,
1. B3rd Pajama Drive without Mayuyu (and Kitarie take on her role)
2. A4th Junai no Crescendo without Kojiharu (same as above)


I want to see her in tank top so… A4!!

I want to see her in any costumes!!

If it’s B3rd without Mayuyu, then I can concentrate on KitaRie-chan!
I can’t help but focus on Takamina in A4th Revue…

She will appear in TV program Gakko ni Ikkou on TBS~~~~!!!

LOL She was said that she looks like ObaQ

It’s rather a compliment!! Like Miichan, having an unique face is a good thing that they’ll never bore audiences!

I think this suggests that the end of AKB is not so distant. She obviouly could make a TV appearance thanks to her agency’s power.
I think idol group can keep it fresh only 2 to 3 years at maximum.
I’m disappointed that AkiP once said he will continue this project at least 10 years…

Please don’t go to SKE!!!!!

Escape!! KitaRie~~!!

Ohhh Yeah she will stay at AKB!!

KitaRie Happy birthday!!!!! (24th June 2008)

If this is the 1000th comment of this thread, then KitaRie will be a Senbatsu member!!
(4 months later from this comment, KitaRie was selected for the Senbatsu members of Ogoe Diamond.)