Members’ Reactions to Mariko’s Speech (and one more story, ‘Which member do you want to marry?’)

  June 8, 2012

“Who is your ideal bride?” Ranking

Gurunavi, restaurant search website and SNS, conducted “AKB’s the most ideal bride” poll.
(A total 950 male in their 10’s to 40’s answered the poll)

1st Yuko Oshima (300)
(reason: She must looks stunning in Wedding dress. She may positively take on household work, and give cheerful mood to the family)
2nd Mariko Shinoda (268)
3rd Yuki Kashiwagi (181)
4th Minami Takahashi (147)
5th Haruna Kojima (146)
6th Tomomia Itano (127)
7th Mayu Watanabe (103)
8th Rino Sashihara (87)
9th Sayaka Akimoto (84)
10th Rena Matsui (58)
11th Minami Minegishi
12th Jurina Matsui
13th Sae Miyazawa
14th Aki Takajo
15th Rie Kitahara
16th Asuka Kuramochi
17th Sayaka Yamamoto
18th Yui Yokoyama
19th Tomomi Kasai
20th Miyuki Watanabe


Members” reactions to Mariko’s speech

Sayaka Yamamoto on her blog

Mariko-san ignited my sprit. As she dared to give her words to us, I will respond her by my action.

I’ve never admitted the fact that I feel chagrin as honestly as I did this time. So, I don’t want to lose to anyone anymore.

Jurina Matsui on her blog

If there will be an election next year, I will aim at Kami7.

Mariko-sama said “Challenge senior members with determination to crush them.” This is the word that not many people can say, and because it was said by Mariko-sama, the word resonates with everyone’s hearts including me.

Mayu Watanabe

In the interview with Sankei

“I talked to Yuko san that “We made it! 1-2 finish of Oshiri-sisters !!””

in her speech

“If there will be an election next year, I want to win No.1,”

Rino Sashihara on her blog

No matter how my result turn out to be, I’d been scared that how audience react to me.
“Sashihara shouldn’t be in top positions?”

And after I heard the result, I was scared that how my fans react to my result.
But…. I was so moved by your warm comments,
and figured that you cheer for me no matter how and where I am.

It sounds like a cliche, but don’t you think this is the start line??

I’ll be striving forward!!
Thank you so much!