Harugon’s New Nick name….

  June 8, 2012

Haruka Nakagawa on G+

Good morning !!

Sorry to keep you waiting .
So the election of my nickname was over and the result is…!!


Because we decided for this name together ,
I hope that we can also make a second chapter of my career as
Haruka Nakagawa from this moment !!

So please comet with me!!!

Aina Fukumoto “Harusan♥((´^ω^))ゥ,、ゥ,、 Thank you for yesterday! Talk to you soon!”

Harusan? That sounds like an old man living solitary life alone…

My one vote for “it won’t be popular”

Why Harusan?? Gonsan would be better.

So she rushed so much that she ended up frantic….
It seems that this gonna be fail…..

Oh the thread starter failed to add “orz” at the end of the tilte… lol

It looks like she is refusing to face the reality, trying to put blame on the easiest reason…
AkiP just said to quit calling herself Harugon, not give up her nickname itself…

If Acchan and Yuka (Hong Kong trio) will call her Harusan on their blog, then the nickname will gain popularity, but if Acchan keep calling her Gonchan, and Yuka calls her Haruka, then the new nickname will be forgotten.

I think it will follow the same path of Harukyan’s new nickname “Danna“….

She seems not to understand the reason why she ranked down…
You shouldn’t have grown up to be an adult (because people love her childish image)….

I feel Ota of Harusan’s (previously Harugon) pain…. lol
If my Oshi freaked out like this, I would have no idea what to do..
Yasusu said “Because you’ve become 20 y/o, how about changing you first-person (from Harugon to something more appropriate such as Watashi).”
So why the heck did his remark bring “asking followers for her new nickname”???

Yasusu should have said more easy to understand way like you…

Shinobu’s comment
Harusan Σ(゚д゚)
Before I knew it, you changed your nickname to Harusan…. Harugo… Harusan.
So from now on, when I call Harg…. Harusan, I should say Harusan ♡
By the way…. though it’s maybe too late to say… I thought what Yasusu was trying to say on GUGUTASU was.. “how about stopping calling yourself Harugon”….
I don’t know why…. but ….. Harug….. Harusan, you’re cute(^O^)/I think this will be a good restart!!

Shinobu wrote what all of us wanted to tell her….

This made me laugh the hardest in my 30 yen of life.
Think about it. Junior members will call her Harusan-san lol It’s gonna be so funny!!

Your life is so cheap!

What a cheap life!!

30 yen of life…. lol

I don’t get what “matured” image means, but I think if Harusan is acceptable, then Harunee can be a better choice…
It sounds silly when members who are older than her call her Harusan.

I think everything gonna be settled down if Shimada will succeed Harugon.

lol the 2nd Harugon.

The sound of “GON” is the best fit for Haruu’s image in a good way.

Why did she leave that important decision to Google+ users…

Then she gotta ask Mocchi for her new (strange) nickname!

Haruka Nakagawa on G+

My nickname became Harusan, but the reason why I did this is because I received many comments that fans don’t know how to call me after I graduated from Harugon!!

I use Harusan as an official nickname, but my purpose of graduating Harugon is that I want more people to know me with my full name Haruka Nakagawa, not as a kind of person that you only know my nickname Harugon but when it comes to my real name “What’s her name?”!!

So now my nickname was decided to be Harusan, but it’s just how you call me.
I hope you remember my real name Haruka Nakagawa!!

Haruka Nakagawa “I won’t completely ban the use of Harugon, but I’ll never call myself Harugon again!!”
Honestly, I don’t get what she is talking about…

Everyone call her Acchan but they know her real name Atsuko Maeda as well. I want to be like her.
Actually I’m ok with my current nickname Harugon but because it has so much impact on people’s mind that my real name hasn’t known widely….
So I chose the most boring and ununique nickname Harusan for my new nickname.

I think this is what she’s trying to say….

If she want many people to know her, then she should change her stage name to Harugon.
She can be a pioneer of making her nickname her stage name in AKB48.

By the way, Lovetan has no intention to change her nickname??

If we judge from her attitude, then “Lovesan” will completely suit her…

NyanNyan has been around for years with the nickname Nyanyan.
I bought 3 tickets for her Kobatsu Akuyukai at Makuhari messe, in Tokyo…..
I’m already scared….

 Haruka Nakagawa on G+

I’m glad that you understand me .♪

To those who want to call me Haruka,
You can still call me Haruka!!

Oh ,
But before that . . let me say that I’m hungry. lol

Maria Abe “Harusan (^o^)”
Shinobu “I’m hungry, too~(^o^)/ I’m always hungry.”