Release Date Of Acchan’s Last Single As A Member of AKB Announced

  May 3, 2012
This probably will be the single of Acchan as a member of AKB

As release date of Atsuko Maeda’s 2nd single Kimiha Bokuda was announced, people’s speculation on when she will graduate is becoming more concrete and most predict it’ll be somewhere in June or July.

There will be 2 key moments before upcoming Tokyo dome concert in August. First one is 20th June, the release date of Kimiha Bokuda, and Second one is her birthday, 10th July. But before these two events, AKB48 will hold one of their signature event, annual general election on 6th June, in which she won’t participate as a candidate.

People associated with the industry say she’s gotten a tons of offer for Dramas and Movies. Though so far we only know movie Kueki Ressha, which will hit screens from 14th July, many things are going on under surface. But she and her management is said they only pick those offers based on whether it stars her as  a main character or heroine or not. This draws a little concerns, because though after starred several Dramas and Moivis, general impression on her in the industry is still an idol not an actress, and even starred those pieces as the center of AKB48, it didn’t make much of difference in the number of audience, which comes down to the fact she probably had better choose offers based on whether she can grow as an actress through filming or not.