Atsuko Maeda x g.u. New Commercial Will Start Airing On 21th May

  May 16, 2012
Uniqlo’s sports line, g.u. will release it’s new commercial titled “OTONA summer” feat. Astuko Maeda from 21th this month. This is the first commercial for the g.u. to have filmed overseas.

Acchan appeared in the Ads dressed in the mini one-piece shirt with blue sea and sky of Guam island in the back. This commercial draws the matured expression of Acchan, which she’s rarely showed until now.

The commercial starts with Acchan appears on the wood deck located at the seaside of Guam. Her hat then is blown away by the wind, but she continue walking and makes a pose on the center of the deck as if nothing happened.

The commercial will be aired from 21th May to 10th June.

Acchan left a comment on this ‘cool’ style, “People around me finally have started to say I’ve become look a bit matured. So I want to rock matured style of one-piece dresses like this.”

When asked about the overseas filming session, she answered “it got me so high! This is the simplest of all commercials I’ve done with g.u. I could have joined the filming in really fresh mood thanks to Guam’s sun and sea, which made me feel expansive.”

Source Mynavi
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Note: Acchan has been the face of g.u. since 2011, and this will be the 5th commercial of the brand features Acchan

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