Atsuko Maeda back in Japan from Hong Kong

  March 29, 2012

After joining the events held by Japanese consulate for HK, Atsuko Maeda came back Japan on 28th Mar.

She was there with her teammates and best friends, Haruka Nakagawa and Yuka Masuda. 2 girls are protecting Atsuko Maeda from media’s aggressive attention, holding her from both sides. A little surprised look on her face for a lot of reporters waiting for her at the airport, she tried to keep calm. Responding to questions simply “TI’m back” “Nothing have decided yet.”

Asked about who she thinks will be the next ace of the group, she told she wants everyone do their best. Reporters mentioned the famous names like Mariko Shinoda or Haruna Kojima, she just laughed and didn’t give answers.

She haven’t talked to AkiP yet, but she eventually do. She also made it clear that she will be team up with members of AKB48 until her last day as AKB48.

According to people close to her, she enjoyed Shopping in Hong Kong for about 2 hours before heading for the Airport.

Atsuko Maeda at Haneda airport, 28th Mar

source: Yahoo Japan