Paruru Makes Adorable Glaring Face In TV Show MechaMecha Iketeru

  June 2, 2012

Wrap-Up of Paruru’s appearance in TV show MechaMecha Iketeru

The show has started~~~~!!!
She is wearing hair extension ? Looks so Kawaii!!

“Paruru-san Maji Tenshi !! (Paruru is seriously like an angle!!)”

As always… she doesn’t speak at all…. like a BOSS!!!
LOL It’s like she wanted to be involved in the conversation but she couldn’t…

OMG Her glaring face!!! I love her glare!!!
Simply awesome!!!
This rare scene where she did speak was cut off????( ̄□ ̄;)
This TV program (MechaMecha Iketeru) cut off tons of scenes…
But it’s still awesome that her scene was used for the commercial teaser for this program!!
Maybe she is highly appreciated by the staffs of the TV program!!!
“Rino Sashihara failed to be one of 神7”
Paruru’s glaring face!!
Uwww She was so cute… thank you for the awesome show “starring Paruru” lol
Thanks for the gif images~~~~~!!!
She is soooo kawaii~~~~
No matter who sees this, she is Kawaii!!!
Come on…. This gif image should be the world heritage along with Michelangelo’s masterpiece Pieta!!!!!
Okay… I got it…. she is just too cute…
From today, she is My-Oshi…. lol
It’s nice to see her private choice of cloths at the end of the show! Thank you~~~~!!!
Google trending words ranking
18th Haruka Shimazaki
Though she’d appeared only for a short time, “Golden time” and “Co-starred with 超Senbatsu members” were very effective to leave a remaining impression, I think!!
LOL Again…. her mysterious fashion!!!!!
How come we can expect Paruru will talk!!
Paruru will never talk in TV show!! That’s her default setting!
Though her appearance was rather short, I’m content that I could watch her close-up a lot!!
Her facial expression when she was talked to was…….. priceless……. (^o^)///
While Paruru is stunningly cute as a fairy, Sassy “heroically” accomplished her role in this show!