Fujita Nana revealed her fetishism? and one more about Kojima Natsuki aka Nattsun!

  September 11, 2012
Fujita Nana 22:38 9/11

Today was Kuramochi-san’s Seitansai!

I could touch Kojima-san’s wrist joint ← So I think I can have a good sleep tonight(^ω^)

Now I’m watching GTO!

Tano Yuka 22:41 9/11

You sound like a pervert!
Fujita Nana 22:42 9/11

I think you have no right to say that to me~! (coz Tano-chan is also…?)
Fujita Nana 22:46

Kojima-san’s wrist was sooooo cute~~~~

Finally even Kojima-san was preyed on Naana…

Wrist joint!?!?

Aggressive Naana and everyone’s bait Kojima-san…. It’s expected to happen…

I think Kojima-san was touched by so many members…

↑It’s totally understandable… lol

And Mocchi’s birthday tree was Yokohama Baystars version!!

Kojima Haruna 9/11

Today is Mocchi’s birthday~~~~ Mocchi! Happy birthday~~~!!!


Kojima Natsuki 22:14 9/11


Today, I joined the filming♪
It was so much fun(´ω`)

And during break time, I had Nameko Miso soup♪

Don’t you think it sound folksy~\(^^)/笑
What type of Miso soup do you like♥??

Ah Shihorin!!
NameKoji ate Nameko! lol




Nattsun Nattsun !!

Nattsun looks unexpectedly cute after she cut her bang short!!

Kojima Natsuki 9/10 22:18

I love Nameko, I love Japanese radish, I love Aburage Dofu, I love seaweed, I love Tofu….
After all, I love Miso soup lol
Kojima Natsuki 9/10 22:25

I love Butajiru which has pork meat in it♥
Kojima Natsuki 9/10 22:29

But even though I like shellfish Miso Soup, I don’t like it very much….
Sometimes sands in shellfish make a crunchy noise, and I’m scared of it.
Kojima Natsuki 22:36 9/10

Wait… Yeah
If it’s not pork meat, it’s not called Butajiru in the first place(゜.゜;!

It’s something like Takoyaki with Tako in it??

I accidentally saw her updating Gugutasu on her Galaxy in a train from a train seat across her.
She had a gentle smile on her face and looked so cute!!

Man…. Her Gugutasu always soothe my heart….

Kojima Natsuki 21:17 9/11


A~ya is smiling~~~♥♥
Kyawatan Kyawatan (*Kawaii)♥♥♥♥♥

By the way, I was wearing a cloth with horizontal stripes today.

And my friend told me “Girls who wear clothes with horizontal stripes will not be popular among guys!! lol”

But why horizontal stripes are not good(゜o゜)??

By the way, that friend was also wearing horizontal stripes(`・ω・´)ゞ笑



A~yaloid’s natural smile is….. as you know… damn cute.

She is becoming good at making interesting posts.

I named Nattun, a PR director for A~yaliid!!