Eccentric Fashion Icons of Akihabara48, Karen and Momoka, Team Up! (and 2 other topics on Sashiko and Milky)

  June 18, 2012

Close  Bond between Momoka and Karen

Kinoshita Momoka on G+

Let’s head for the battle field…..

Iwata Karen on G+
We finished with Akyusyukai~!
 It was so much fan!!
Thank you so much!!!
I met Kinoshita~!!
As always her cosplay is amazing!! Respect for her!!
Next time I gotta try it…. kinda…. lol
I will send full body photo through Mobame!!
Urano Kazumi “What is this?? B…blood!?”
 Iwata Karen “Urano-san!! This is fake-blood!! (^^)←←(It’s not a point lol)
Kinoshita Momoka “Oh you shouldn’t emulate me….  It would make your fans cry…”
You know what? Karen and Momoka are bonding through this KuppaBackpack.
LOL Karen-chan is too much emulating Captain….. (:Takamina)

Tanabe Miku
Aitakatta (I’ve wanted to meet)

Aitakatta (I’ve wanted to meet)
Aitakatta  Yes!!!!!!! (I’ve wanted to meet, yes!!!)
Kiminiiiiiiii~~~!!!! (You~~~~!!!)

Joenishi Kei on G+

Momoka is staring at me…..
I felt like a frog paralyzed at the gaze of a sneak…..

Why she didn’t get arrested getting on Shinkansen with this costume….. lol

Milky’s new Air NigiNigi (Virtual Handshake)

Watanabe Miyuki on G+

Oh my blog has updated!(ノ´∀`*)

Please enjoy Air NigiNigi date with me♥

Watanabe Miyuki

We don’t have a time-limit for Air NigiNigi. That’s nice, isn’t it♥

Oh I listened to ChapuChapu (sung by an amateur musician) written by Shiisan on the video sharing website(NicoNico)!! 

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Milky on her blog

KonbanWatanabe (Konbanwa (Good evening) + Watanabe )

I’m Watanabe Miyuki(。・ω・。)

So today I went on a date by the name of Akusyukailol

Because it was so much fan, I wished it would never end(>_<)!

Everyone who had come to meet me today, Thank you so much(..)

Today’s my clothes is an one piece dress by One Spot(´∀`)
My mother chose this for me.

So because this is a good chance,

Everybody from all around the world, let’s date and have air handshake with me!!(//∀//)

I love you so much!

OyasuMilky⌒(。∵。)⌒Pyon (Swoosh)♪   (Oyasumi + Milky = Oyasumilky = “Good night” from Milky)

TGSK’s comment on the timing of Milky’s participation in team B

Today (17th June 2012), at (Kobetsu) Handshake event for the theatre version of “Manatsu no Sounds good!”, we set up a box in which you can send your question to me, TGSK, and here I answer to several questions I received from you.

Kobetsu Handshake event for theater version : Unlike normal Nationwide handshake event which you can get ticket from Non-Theater version (usually first edition), you can choose members who you want to shake hand with for Kobetsu handshake event (and you can meet for longer time, about 10 to 15 seconds, than normal handshake event). Purchasing of theater version starts with choosing a member you would like to meet at the event, and if you won the lottery, you can “purchase and get a ticket for the event”. Usually you can’t buy theater version if you lost the lottery.

 Q. When will NMB48’s Watanabe start appearing in Team B’s concerts?
A. She is currently already preparing for Team B’s concert. So please watch out for her!

I have received a great number of questions regarding Sashihara’s transfer.
Q. Will she be participating in the handshake events of the 23rd and 24th?
Q. What will happen with Not yet’s activities? etc.
→This was a sudden decision to even the management, so nothing else has been determined, other than it being decided that she’ll move to HKT48. As soon as the details are worked out, I’ll let you know immediately.

 Q. When can we purchase tickets for TOKYO DOME?
A. As it currently is, we’re currently organizing to aim for it to go on sale at mid-July.
We endeavor to allow many fans to attend the concert with maximum anticipation, so please look forward to it!

Q. Is Maeda Atsuko’s final theatre concert scheduled to be streamed online, or have a DVD version?
A. “Will it be streamed?”, “Will be on DVD?”, “What form will it take?” putting aside those questions, Maeda’s final theatre concert will be made for our fans to view without fail. So please rest assured. 

Captured images from June 18th Broadcast of Waratte Iitomo

So though it was supposed that she talks about her thought and the real of the alleged scandal, because everyone were so supportive, she she didn’t have to talk anything serious…

It looked like Tamori-san really want to make fan of her transfer to “Hakata”. (Hakata is the hometown of Tamori-san)
So once Kurata Mayumi (Mangaka) said Sashihara is the most likely member who gets hooked with bad guys, and she was absolutely right….. (Co-stars of the show made fan of her on this topic)
translated by Tommy and Wingom