Bistro Smap: Kiss Scene (Updated)

  June 11, 2012


Rino, Yuki
Takamina, Mariko
Tomochin, Haruna
Rena, Jurina
Tomo~mi, Sae
Miichan, Kitarie
Miichan, Yui
Ume, Yui

Now the time has come…. lol


Damn━━━━━━(|||゚Д゚)━━━━━━!!!!!! I’m truly envious… 

LOL After all everyone kissed??

F**k Smap, F**k your s**t Up!!



Wait everyone kissed!?!?
That’s outrageous!!!!

Wait, this is a fiction, isn’t it?

So while Puccho’s commercial was banned, people can accept this….

Yeah I’d thought I would be alright (with their kiss scene)……

LOL Ota are relatively low-key compared to the last year

Ah…. I feel I would almost become Super Saiyan (with this level of envy?)

Why did they dare to do this in the first place when nobody feels pleased with this??

Enough of this system (in which a winner of kitchen battle can get kiss from guests)!!!

Bistro Smap segment

Guest: AKB48

Comedy segment
Guest: Mai Kuraki (倉木麻衣)
I would want them to change each other….
Damn it…. Damn it!!!!
One day….. I….. I…… I will be Smap!
(´;ω;`)  That’s how your dream started….

Shingo… lol (Shingo Katori is a member of Smap. Disguised in AKB-like costume, he kissed his fellow member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi)

Oh come on some members gently put their hands on the men’s chest as they were kissing!!!
It looks like those members used to kissing!!
Yuko, Tomochin and are there any other members kissed like them???
Actually all of them kissed in that way….. ( ´・ω・`)  <- (I guess he deliberately lied or was too shocked that everyone looked kissing in that intimate way to his eyes...)
Sashiko unconsciously standing in the position for 3rd place.
Are you aware that you are now standing in the position for 3rd??
Yukirin, Sashiko, Mayuyu, Yuko

Mariko: “I was 4th last year….”

Nakai-kun “Who got into your place?”
Mariko “Sashihara….. Rino….”
Nakai “Oh come on, seriously!? I told you “don’t mess up!!” “
Sashiko  “Forgive me for once….”
Mariko “Sashiko was the last person I wanted to lose to.”
Nakai “And you handsomely lost to her. I guess it was Cho-Kuyasii (ridiculously chagrined)”
Mariko “yeah…”
Sashiko “Don’t put CHO lol”
Mariko “When Tokumitsu-san said “team A” as he announced 5th, I thought that 90% it would be Sashihara.”
Mariko “Honestly when I heard my name called, I was like “Ee~~~~!!??””