Miichan’s Roll Model Is SMAP’s All-Rounder Nakai-kun

  April 23, 2012

22th Apr issue of Nikkan put a light on Miichan (Minami Minegishi). She along with other 3 members are commonly referred as “Four Comedy Divas“, and this is none other than her dream “after AKB“. As Acchan announced her graduation, in almost all interviews member have been asked about what are their “After AKB”. I just said wrong, not all members but Veteran “Senbatsu” members, such as Yuko, Tomochin, Sayaka etc. Though Miichan is still under 20, she is the one of the oldest member of AKB along with Acchan, Takamina, Tomochin and Kojiharu. I’m not talking about her age but how long she’s been in AKB, by the way. Maybe this is her personality but her long years (6 & half) in AKB makes her have a clear vision about her career.

“I think idol has a limited life.” She has been told this to herself and set her limit 25 y/o. “I must acquire necessary skill until I’m in AKB” she told. The reason she feel she has little time is because her roll model is Junny’s veteran star Masahiro Nakai, she said. The leader of SMAP can of course sing, dance but also shows his polished skill as a host of TV show. Her dream is to be an all-rounder like him.

She evaluated herself, said “I think I worked very hard this one year.” As Gotoh highly praised her, she now can confidently appear in TV shows and add color to the whole mood of shows with her unique wit. 
“My ideal role in AKB is a member who can appeal to TV audience who don’t know AKB and be supported by those people who cast their one vote (of multiple votes they got).” In all past three elections she was positioned around 15th, which secured her to be in Senbatsu. “After Acchan left, we may see unexpected faces in top positions, and I’ hope that will make the election more interesting.”

*Producer of Weekly AKB Yoshio Gotoh named Rino Sashihara, Kana Kobayashi, Minami Minegishi and Miho Miyazaki, Four Comedy Divas (Variety Sitennoh), said “I can feel easy when one of those 4 girls are in TV show(since they’re cut out for comedy)”

Minami Minegishi aka Miichan
born in Tokyo, 19 y/o
Selected in the very first audition of AKB as a 1st Gen member along with current AKB members Takamina, Acchan, Kojiharu and Tomochin.
A member of NoSleeves, the special unit of AKB, with Kojiharu and Takamina.

Not Sleeves

Miichan looks so tender like Budda next to Takamina

(Shouting to Nogizaka) “We can’t beat you by our youth… but”
“Our tears and sweat over these years never allow us to lose to you!!!”
Miichan’s Kami(神) shot. (Right: SMAP Nakai-kun)
Mittsu Mangrove (Gay Queen) said to her “How come you can be in AKB!?” But in backstage, he is very nice to her. How can you be harsh to such a lovely girl?
Gift to fans who joined secret concert. He said he could request his favorite members. (This is a Valentine day gift)
Miichan first wrote Thank You letter to another Minami after spent 6 years together “I couldn’t have a chance to say this in our daily life, but I want to be honest to myself today. Takamine, Thank you so much.”
“In some time I was jealous of you because I felt my name “Minami” was taken by you.  “
“I’m secretly proud of having my teeth-blush and my pajama in Takamina’s home.”
If Yukirin is a familiy member of Mr.Mets, then Miichan is none other than Gachapin. (Not Sleeves)
Among Acchan, Takamina and Miichan, Miichan is like younger sister, while Acchan is boss lol
Takamina…. lol
Miichama <3