Yuko ‘You’re like Edison!’ Kojiharu ‘Yeah…. call me Edison……. Ejiharu!’

  May 11, 2012

Yuko smiles at Kojiharu's gag

Following yesterday’s MariKoji’s (Mariko Shionoda and Haruna Kojima) failed(?) surprise, Nisshin revealed 2nd episode of this relay style commercial “ICE Cupnoodle” today on it’s official page and AKB’s official Youtube account.
Unlike MariKoji’s one where Mariko failed to draw a surprise reaction from Kojiharu because Kojiharu was somewhat perplexed about what’s going on, Kojiharu could successfully surprise Yuko. Maybe because she learned from Mariko’s failed attempt, before she put ice cubes into Cupnoodle light, Kojiharu tried attracting Yuko’s attention, saying “From this point, I’ll do something different!” Then Yuko further hyped up the mood reacting overly (because she almost knew what will happen), making Kojiharu overly acting when she open the lid of ice cube storage with Doyagao face.
This commercial has many funny exchange between KojiYu. Of course Kojiharu shows many her genius moments in this, but Yuko also displays her kaleidoscopic character. And most importantly their intimate relationship can be felt from the video even though they are a little tense surrounded by cameras.
0:04 Kojiharu failed to surprise Yuko because Yuko met Kojiharu’s manager before she enters the room!!  (And because the room is surrounded one-way mirror, Yuko could see the reflection of Kojiharu lol)
0:36 Kojiharu said to Yuko “This is my room.”, which is the same phrase Mariko told her in the last episode. But she ended up receiving Yuko’s reply “I see. This bleakness looks has something to do with your room.”
0:45 Yuko noticed the lid on the tabletop and tried to open it, but Kojiharu managed to prevent it…. For some reason, Kojiharu spoke English to stop Yuko, saying “Don Touch!!” This scene may be the reason why Yuko reacted overly when Kojiharu was about to open the lid… 😉
1:45 When Kojiharu said “Then I’m gonna start making..” Yuko reacted “It’s not making… (Just pour hot water)” And pointed out “Hey you are spilling out hot water…”
2:14 When Kojiharu poured only small amount of hot water into Cupnoodle, Yuko expressed her surprise (and suspicion that Koijharu is doing something wrong). She forgot to start the alarm timer while she was persuading Yuko that she is doing fine.
2:51 Yuko “Talk some delicious stories while waiting for 2:30 minutes. You’ve been to Okinawa right?” Kojiharu was thinking for a while but completely dodged her question said “A delicious story….. so 20 seconds has passed already, we don’t have time (to talk about any story)…” lol
I imagine that their exchange is always like Yuko takes the initiative of conversation, pointing out funny things happening around Kojiharu, but ended up with being owned by Kojiharu’s genius reaction.
6:25 When Kojiharu is stirring Cupnoodle with ice cubes, Yuko failed to hide her honest feeling, saying “E~ Yada~ (I don’t like this~)” lol But Kojiharu handsomely said to Yuko, “It’s alright. Jutst trust me!”
Yuko “You invented this?”
Kojiharu “Yes!”
Yuko “You are Edison!!!”
Kojiharu “Yeah…. call me Edison……. Ejiharu!!!”
Yuko “(Broke into laughter) Ejiharu~~!”
When Yuko was doubting that Kojiharu was making Cupnoodle wrong way…
Kojiharu “You are so suspicious. That’s like you.”
Yuko “I’m living my life, doubting people.”
Kojiharu then handsomely stopped Yuko’s dark joke.
Kojiharu “Stop it!”
when Kojiharu finished making ICE Cupnodle light..
Kojiharu “Please taste this!”
Yuko “Please taste this!”
Kojiharu “Please!”
Yuko “Please!”
Kojiharu “Oshima-san please!”
Yuko “Non non non Kojima-san please!”
Yuko “Oishi! It tastes like Ramen!” lol
Kojiharu “Un….(!!??)  E??”
Yuko “Why it contains so much dietary fiber??”
Kojiharu “I don’t know.”
Yuko “Why you don’t know?”
Kojiharu “I think a great person created this.”
Yuko “LOL Uhh You’re careless! How you tried to surprise me (at the opening), how you make this, you are almost always careless!!”
LOL No-cut version is more like….. their date….

Yuko and Kojiharu looking at cupnoodle

Yuko ハ eyebrows

 (Yuko’s ハ-shape eyebrow!!)

Yuko Kawaii
Yuko non non non

 Non non non…

Yuko Kojima san dozo

 Kojima-san Do~zo!

Yuko it's like ramen

 It’s like Ramen!!!

Kojiharu ??? Yuko

Un….. (!?!?!?) E????

Kojiharu Yuko ahaha