Aina Fukumoto Gets Verbally Hurt At Shake-Hands (and Rena’s stunning images)

  June 4, 2012

Rena-chan fans become a bit pessimistic about Rena’s too revealing Gravure pictures

Recently she appears in Gravure wearing clothes that are way too much revealing….. you know, it’s hurting…

In this photo, it looks like we could even see her nipple if this was the photo without retouch.
It used to be like… just to see Rena in swimsuit made us so much surprised…. 
Why things has changed that much….


Damn She is too hot…
I’ll do Oshi-hen….

If it’s Grick (agency), then they will make her more revealing!
Please respond to our expectation Grick!!

Has she officially made a contract with the agency?? (it’s officially announced at SSA in March, but she hasn’t yet listed official website of Grick)

She is so hot….
I gotta go out to grab CDs and make my last votes for her so that she will get more job offer of Gravure.

Wait~~~~~~!! This is almost nude~~~!

The first photo went way too far!!
If they let Yukirin do the same Gravure, then Ota will surely start riot!!!

I think she looks divine and these pictures does her justice.

I don’t feel Ero from these pictures of Rena at all because she is too cute.

One year ago, I was pleased that – a member of SKE48 finally debuted her bikini body!! – but before we knew it, she is now almost nude… Things go too fast…

Jurina gotta try more decent swimsuit Gravure!

Jurina doesn’t have to take her clothes off.
Because of 48 groups that go way too drastic when it comes to Guravure, we tend to forget… but normally young idols like Jurina won’t wear that revealing bikini…

I hope she will be actively involved in photo shoot and tell photographers how she wants them to take photos of her.
Anyhow, what make her appealing are her butt, waist and fair, flawless skin, I think! Why almost every photographer hide these body parts in their takes!!

“I really don’t get it why they want Rena do nude-like photos….

Rena… please…. reject these kind of offers…

Wait, it’s normal to do swimsuits Gravure to market herself as an actress/idol.
Maki Horikita, Yui Aragaki and Masami Nagasawa, all these actresses did Gravure when they still hadn’t been offered enough Drama/Movie work.
Those who are allowed to do Gravure where they wear normal clothes are only famous actress who have already forged successful career.

Rena’s facial expression is certainly sexy…. but her another charm is her translucent fair skin. Because her skin is too translucent, small skin revealed through the gap of clothes somehow convey a sense of immoral\(//∇//)\
Her image unleash our imagination lol

It’s not a big deal…!
If what she is doing was wrong, then how can you explain what Maeda is doing???
They are of the same age.

Rena has small breasts and have stunningly beautiful back.
So I think we can say these pictures conveys her allure.
Some say she is forced to strip…
but I think Acchan and Yukirin have been doing Gravure like this since like 2 years ago.

Ainyan~~~~~ Cho~zetsu Kawaii!!

Ainyan π

Cho~zetsu Kawaii~~~~!!

This makes me feel sexual arousal…. lol
These pictures has a little “Fetish” thing, and that enriches my imagination lol

So has Ainyan settled down after one night??

Aina Fukumoto on G+

There’s nothing more sad than people don’t understand how much we hurt when people throw word without caring about feeling of us…

“I’m happy that you got injured.”?????
Certainly when someone is forced to take a leave of absence due to injury, fans of other members may benefit from it.
But what can I do when they tell that feeling directly to me??
It’s like they are somehow thinking I was willing to get injured…
Thinking about this for a long time, I’ve gradually become feeling sad….
So finally Fukumoto got to have Anti…..
How can we describe this??? It’s something like fate for top members…..

This means how big she has become in 48 groups….

Never let this guy attend any kinds of future events of AKB!!!
There’re still this kind of douche-bag who don’t know “What is normal in 2channel is not always normal in the real world”…..

This guy said this in order to hurt Ainyan, so writing about it on G+ means you admit he accomplished his aim….


So what’s wrong with admitting she got hurt?
If you mean people like this guy will be elated, you may be right.
But if they continue to do things like this or something even worse, then Shake-Hands event itself will not continue in the same manner.

Given the fact that management have almost never improved their measure to prevent verbal violence from Anti, it’s too optimistic to expect something will be improved.
It just makes douche-bags more willing to do this kind of thing.
So I’m trying to say that even though she wrote this, it won’t improve the whole situation.

I guess it’s not the first time…. like he continued to turn up at Shake-Hands events and threw her a harsh word every time, her heart has gradually become broken…
I guess sickness was just a official reason, but the real reason was that it was their measure to protect her from the cruel Anti – that she was so damaged that she wouldn’t take it anymore if this guy turn up again.
(Ainyan canceled 2nd, afternoon 1, 3rd, 4th, and evening sessions of her Kobetsu Shake-Hands event after 1st session on 3th June.)
I also thought the same, but…. I also felt it’s strange to cancel the Shake-Hand event just to protect her from one or two Anti…

Oh… Ainyan is moaning…. I understand no one can ever blame her… it certainly was more than she could bear…. but…  I can’t still believe that Ainyan wrote this on G+…

So whenever this kind of thing happen, people say “Again, it’s Osaka….”
So, this time, let me say this….. “Again, it’s Tokyo…”

Ainyan….. I feel sorry for her…..(´・ω・)

So a member who is “under (stand-in)” of Ainyan is his Oshi….

If so, Aabon will also be hurt with this incident….
If this guy really is Aabon Ota, then he is the silliest Ota ever….

I don’t think this guy is Ota of NMB48 or members of NMB48. I guess he is Anti of NMB… Look 2cchanel’s NMB fan thread, we know there are several douche-bag who hates NMB

But according to Ainyan’s G+ post, definitely this Guy is Ota of Ainyan’s “under”….

If this person is Ota of other NMB48 member, then I don’t think this person intended to hurt her, but rather, he couldn’t imagine his unprepared word will hurt her badly.

Ainyan….. this is what it meant to be popular member of 48 groups…..

Yeah I agree with you.
I think Ainyan hasn’t yet been used to deal with Anti…
Please, someone tell her “That’s the proof of your popularity!!”

But when Fukumoto writes this on G+, Aabon also minds whether the person is her fan…
Why she couldn’t consider this…

But she didn’t mention certain member’s name.

But given the situation, it’s difficult not to assume this person is Aabon’s Ota…

Wow…. NMB Ota is beyond my understanding….
So even when members are verbally abused, you say “Keep quiet, bottle everything up inside”….

No… I don’t think this person is Aabon Ota.
Aabon’s promotion to team M is partly thanks to Ainyan.
Most of her fans are rather feeling grateful to her.

Yes, they are feeling grateful.
So I think this person said something like “Thank you~~~ Thanks to your absence, Aabon is promoted~~~”.
He was trying to say this as a word of thanks, but Ainyan felt his word was offensive…

I think your guess maybe close to the truth.
So I think that he is probably not Anti, but he was just being too pleased with Aabon’s promotion that he accidentally made a blatant remark….

But this is Kobetsu. And application for Kobetsu Shake-Hands event of Manatsu no SG! was way long before.
I can’t figure out why he applied to Ainyan’s Kobetsu in the first place…

Yeah, that’s certainly a mystery….
Since he bought a Kobetsu ticket fro Ainyan, he may be also Ainyan Ota…

Yeah.. it’s really strange….. I never think of meeting a member who I dislike.
What’s the point to take troublesome measure to get tickets only to throw harsh word to members who I don’t like…. I want to use that ticket to meet my Oshi-men!!!

If it’s Nationwide Shake-Hands event, then I can understand that this kind of thing will happen, but because this is Kobetsu, I’m puzzled…. Why he bought a ticket for Ainyan…..

Riho Kotani on G+

“Good evening, everyone.

If people feel sad, I also feel sad.
It hurts my heart…
We are gifted with this precious tool, words.
I think it’s sad and a waste of words to use them to hurt someone.