AKB48 13th Gen Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity for her fan who wants to Commit Suicide

“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

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JKT48 10th Single Sousenkyo Results, Team J’s New Setlist, Handshake event announcements


(Left : 10th Single Senbatsu. Right : 10th Single Undergirls) After voting period ends and counted, JKT48 revealed 32 members who have been selected to perform main single and coupling

JKT48 3rd Anniversary Concert Report! AKB48 x JKT48 joint concert to be held in February 2015!


Hey guys we meet again. This time I’ll write about JKT48 3rd anniversary concert which was held in two days (27th – 28th December 2014). Around 4000 fans flocked on

JKT48 WrapUp: 7th Single, Pajama Drive Revival 2.0 results, JAM Expo and more


Hello guys, we meet again,once more I apologize for lateness sharing JKT48 news and events. So without further ado, here are the news recaps! On the 12nd of August during

JKT48 overseas activities, 1st major award, Pajama Drive revival 2.0, new variety show and more


Its been a few busy months for JKT48 members beside performing at the theater as their usual activities, they also performed in a couple of & off air events –

JKT48 Wrapup: Flying Get Handshake event, 6th Single details, Chikano Rina debut and more!


Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last article, i’m sorry it took so long to write another article beacuse my RL business so here’s my update on JKT48

Who is Chikano Rina?


AKB48 Daisokaku Matsuri (Grand Reformation Festival) had its highlights with the three aces from SKE48, NMB48 & HKT48 converging in one team, the full transfer of members between the sister

Sato Amina and Chikano Rina made apology – And Takamina to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!”


1. Sato Amina and Chikano Rina’s apology 2. Takahashi Minami to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!” Related post: The 3rd release of “Documentary of AKB48 No flower without rain 少女たちは涙の後に何を見る” annouced!! ” I

The man who joined Gokon party with AKB48 members Chikano Rina and Sato Amina made apology


how we get your ex girlfriend back ” Looks like they just made an apology for playing outside in midnight during the performance period of the musical. ” We just

AKB48 Sato Amina, Chikano Rina scandal: “Midnight goukon party” as reported by Shukan Bunshun


We were thinking that AKB48 members will be conscious about their behaviors and AKB48 will order members to tighten their self-management after our scandal report of Maeda Atsuko, but then again, only

Congratulation, Acchan, on your graduation!! (TV Viewer Rating, Members Blogs etc.)


 .     . “So many pictures of Acchan on the walls!! “Look! Acchan in this photo looks sooooo cute!Is she wearing a sash or something?The word on the sash starts

Summary of Member Comment towards 2nd Reformation of AKB [2/3]


Continuing….   ‘ “While everyone is making fuss, Pre-Order of 28th Single has secretly? started lol -This time, it’s “Cool” AKB!!https://plus.google.com/u/0/117760029816432300689/posts/73MmG8a3gLz“ ‘ ‘ ‘ “There’s one thing I gotta say….

AkiP, Jurina and IshiharaP talked about how AkiP met Jurina (and 3other topics on Annnin Quiz, Majisuka3 and Chikari~~na)


Annin QUIZ, today’s problem is from math!!  Iriyama AnnaPlease prepare paper and pen. Today’s quiz is math♪I couldn’t find a difficult problem(๑・ิo・ิ๑) Answer the total number of multiples of 3

Team B members list


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