Japanese Copyright law revised, now illegal downloading is crime too and one more

  October 2, 2012


Checking illegal content by scanning wavelength of sound or image analysis


I guess from this October, piracy content from China will be widely appreciated in Japan.

If uploader processed the image, maybe they can't scan it properly? (´・ω・`)

Youtube is also considered piracy heaven…

Well I don't deny it but if they really arrest all of those people, tens of thousands of people will be arrested….

What's the point of making illegal downloading a crime?

They just need to tighten censorship on illegal uploading if they want to protect copyright…..

What's the difference between videos that aren't deleted and ones that are deleted???

With this kind of attitude of official parties, Jpop will never stop it's downfall….

Do they also have an office to monitor illegal downloading?

If they can spot illegal uploaded content, I think it's easy to identify people who downloaded the content.

I don't think this will improve the sales of Jpop….

Look. That Korean guy who won 2nd place in Billborad Chart!

Many slams he is a copycat, but then looking at Japanese music scene….

They can't create any hit despite they are also copying others….

The only Jpop artists who can write decent lyrics are the ones who have a long career….

Fuck!! Don't spend tax in such a wasteful way!!

They just need to create good music and be more clever in

making money from today's modern music market….

↑That's the same logic used by thefts.

Look, I don't think this law is right, but yeah, stop such a lame self-justification.

This is why One Piece has a weird audio on dailymotion….

Japanese media ruined the Aso Taro's “National Manga Library” project by bashing it as a waste of tax,

But looking back, that was a part of the grand project to protect Japanese subculture from illegal up-loaders both domestic and overseas…..

If they could establish the library, we would have already succeeded in protecting Japanese content from illegal uploading and copyright violation by foreigners….

Lame media ruined the project and then started monitoring illegal uploading???

This doesn't make any sense. Totally lacking consistency…

lol there's nothing wrong in monitoring illegal uploading. They have all rights to do so.

Despite Youtube making a comprehensive contract with JASRAC, you can't say it's not illegal uploading on Youtube…

You know what? You need to keep the attitude “Please go ahead. We don't care.”

If you speak up “It's thanks to illegal uploading we have become interested in Japanese content” or “It will just decrease sales”, it just sounds like lame excuses from those who can only see things from one perspective.

Like someone said, there're tens of thousands of people who download Anime or PV from youtube.

Is it realistic to arrest all those people?


Then who will be arrested?

Of course, those who POLICE want to arrest.

This is actually autocratic….

So what are they doing to deal with P2P???

In this internet era, it has no meaning to do thing kind of thing domestically.

What they should do is taking action to all those foreigners who upload and distribute Japanese content outside Japan.

Uhmmm how do I say this….. they are always poor at making the most out of the modern society….. or stubbornly oppose to make a destructive innovation just to make money….

What is this???

So they're leaving baits as they are and just monitoring if someone taking the bait?

“I bet Anime industry will go into a decline….

I'd enjoyed Anime by downloading content….. so yeah I won't watch them anymore.

Because that's their own fault that they don't make content that makes me want to spend my money….”

↑If I replace Music with Anime, I know you guys will be furious about my remark.

You're crazy! Fail! Hypocritical! lol Damnhead!!

Both are shoplifters!! Idiots!!

I wished those who have such a mean spirit are ony Chinese people!!!

If they're serious, what they should do is to thoroughly take down all TORRENT wsbties.

They are always speaking eloquently but doing nothing actually.

↑The purpose of this amendment is to increase Japanese people's awareness about copyright…..

I can understand these days many people lost their sense of moral about copyright, and feel less sense of guilty about violating someone's copyright…..

But I don't this is effective to improve people's morale…

Almost everybody is using VPN….

Tell me, if illegal video sharing site is located overseas, say in China,

and those Chinese illegal uploaders are using Chinese proxy.

If they block access from Japan, what will they do?

I think they're doing the completely opposite thing what they actually should do.

If they don't want foreigners to upload Japanese content, the only way is to block access of Chinese visitors  to illegally uploaded content. It's not American or Japanese who at least pay money to Japanese content…. But if they want  to do it thoroughly, they must block access from all around the world.

If they block Japanese viewers like Crunchyroll, then how in the world they can stop illlegal uploading overseas???

Tell me, how do you protect copyrights of Japanese content??

Why do you guys make things so complicated???

This is not about increasing sales nor promoting Japanese content.

It's simply saying “Respect copyright of others, and don't violate copyright of others” if you're not uncivilized Chinese.

That covers it all.

↑I'm saying the order is opposite.

Because there're increasing number of people who insist illegal uploading is as bad as shoplifting,

Tons of foreigners are uploading Japanese content illegally.

In short, nothing will happen if, say Korean or Chinese upload Japanese content illegally from China or Korea.

Or because the two countries have no regulation to protect Japanese content, the two countries have become the piracy heaven of Japanese content.

One word. They gotta realize Japan is considered nothing more than the producer of FREE content by all foreigners lol

The thing is….. Is it really possible to protect Japanese content just by regulating illegal uploading and downloading Domestically?

Basically making copyright violation as a type of crime which requires complaint from the copyright holders is the root problem. They has to give a right to police to take down all illegal content and arrest illegal up-loaders without asking anything to copyright holders.

I think if Japan will join TPP and join the comprehensive Anti Copyright Violation network, this will be solved.



  1. having this law is good (preventing piracy) but at the same time not so good as well. It’s one of the factors why J-Pop isn’t mainstream allover the world. K-Pop is large, having free downloading sites, free to watch videos of MVs, Varieties, etc, w/c makes it more large. Japan doing this won’t help J-pop :'(

    • killercroc says:

      but this is very beneficial in terms of business. this is why Japan is the 2nd largest music industry in the world

      • Aoi says:

        What Sheila said about KPop MV’s is correct, some JPop MV’s are blocked outside the country which begs the question how the industry can reach the outside audience if pirating was completely banned.

    • moofuq says:

      The problem is Japanese music industries don’t care about international attention. Japan itself is a huge market for its music industries, so why should they give fuck about their music reach all over the world or not. Japan seldom advertise their music outside japan. So the one who loss so much about this lawsuit is international fans. Just my opinion.

  2. Mr Waffle says:

    With piracy tackled, we can expect CD and DVD prices to drop, right?


    Aaaaaahahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Ahhhhhhh. I crack myself up.

  3. moofuq says:

    Oh shit!

  4. Bloud Do says:

    Another useless law.

  5. Mark Weber says:

    Provide a better service than the pirates at a reasonable price, and people will pay.

  6. dreamerboy says:

    Does this law include torrents?

  7. ma1210 says:

    If it’s true, then sadly I will say goodbye to my oshi in 48 family :'(

  8. now I think I can’t downloading Mayuyu 3rd single…..

  9. This is all bullshit.
    If it wasn’t for piracy Jpop wouldn’t be half as popular so they need to take their stupid law and shove it up their ass.

  10. lincolnz777 says:

    It is illegal to have the sound wave of AKB48 music enter your ear and hit your ear drum, sending the signal of the piece to your brain, i could consider that a download, taking someone else idea and infringement of intellectual property…

  11. lincolnz777 says:

    actually this law is kind of wrong, for example, if you watch AKB48 video on a official site, the copy of the video already gone through your computer (example, through c:windowstemp or your own local settings temp folder)….

    we…. are….. criminal……….

  12. Peechan says:

    This law is very effective. The major market for J-POP is Japanese people, not foreigner. With this law, the illegal music downloading in Japan will drop down rapidly. I see you guy talking about World wide, international bra bra bra … it is nothing for J-POP industry.

    This law is also nothing for intelligent group like AKB48. We must admit that there are ton of AKB contents sharing in the internet, both onshore and offshore. AKB can make high sale among ton of illegal copy. Their marketing plan is excellent.

  13. PaTo says:

    The “iron curtain” of japanese pop culture… well is a island.

  14. foodlfg says:

    Japan = littleUSA

    I don’t understand why some of the Japanese people criticizing foreign countries. Don’t interfere. Where the foreigners live is not Japan. You can do all sorts of crazy things in Japan, no one will say anything (except if you kill dolphins). But still, leave the foreigners alone.

    It doesn’t look good from the foreigners point of view when Japanese do that. If they keep doing that, the foreigners will lost that small respect for Japanese content that they still have. And that is not good.

    Japan expects foreigners to buy overpriced crappy quality DVDs (+ delivery) from abroad when the rest of the word uploads HD quality videos to youtube. Really? Does that make sense to you guys?
    The truth is that Japan has never been interested in foreign markets (neither AKB has). They just say these things occasionally, because it sounds nice and they want some more money from abroad without doing anything. And when things don’t go the way they want they just blame others.

    Japan has no idea what to do with the rest of the world and they are unable to learn.