Tomochin’s aggressive Skirt Flip in performance of Gingham Check and 3 more

  August 23, 2012

Tomochin’s aggressive Skirt Flip


Tomochin-san handsomely showed off her “Skirt Flip”
Oh…. She copied Nogizaka’s renowned choreo….

( ゚∀゚ )

Chintomo-san…. This is so aggressive!! Tomochin△

Maeda Atsuko’s last appearance in Music Station, unpublished footage will be broadcast

Thanks~ I’m looking forward to it so much!!

Music Station is such a wonderful music show…!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AKB's 2 of top members dressed in in the costumes of Gingham Checkin Tokyo Station just like ordinary people

This is… absolutely Tokyo station….

This is the underground of the south gate of Marunouchi Station

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AGAIN!! Scandal leak of Sae-chan




  1. Ganita says:

    AGAIN! Scandal leak of Saechan. *hold breath…


  2. blackqueen says:

    i bet tomochin didnt even realizing what she just did, lol
    she is sure ponkotsu.