[WrapUp Post] Paruru’s First Photobook, 48 Hours Terebi, and 2 more!

  July 7, 2013


Recently there has been a rumor about Paruru’s new photo book that will be released on 19th of July. The rumor might be true, due to the never-seen-photo before and the sudden release date. However, on that day, the publisher will also release another photobook which make this rumor become unlikely. In the end all we can do is just wait and see whether this photobook will be released on the 19th.

*Fan reactions
Here it comes!!SERIOUSLY~! i’m buying itI wonder if it is real, it’s too suddenReally! Should have released it earlierWill it be available during the Dome Concert?I wonder if it will be available on mondaybut don’t you think it’s too sudden?Oh, please be real. I’ll cry if it is a fakeHere comes the day for you break those piggy banks!

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As stated from the title, AKB48 Jikan Terebi (AKB 48 Hours Television) will air continuously for 48 hours of AKB48 goodness from Variety shows, Dramas, Group Concerts; every program that is 48 related.

The show will air on the Family Gekijo channel part of Tohokushinsha Film who produces big-shot movie such as Sadako 2 3D and Space Battleship Yamato. This event is designed to rival to the annual 24-hour television.

The program will officially start on 8th of August 21:00 JST and continously broadcasting 48’s goodness until 11th of August 21:00 JST.


The first program to be aired is A1 [Party ga Hajimaru yo], as a part of the portion of Omoidaseru no Kimitachi he (For Those Who Missed). The stages that will be aired sum up to 32 stages and contains all stages performed by all the teams, including the sister groups.

What do you guys think?
Do you think you can you survive all 48 hours of 48’s goodness?

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As stated in Kuwabara Mizuki’s twitter @little_mamy_19 on 5th of July 2013, she will star on in a stage play titled “Monster Swing”. The stage play will be performed in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, from 29th of August (Thursday) until 1st of September (Sunday). The ticker sales will begin on 22nd of July. For further information, you can refer to this site.

The title of the play it self seems to create certain reaction from certain member.

Katou Rumi 6/5 4:32 PM

I would like to give you a delightful news that Kuwabara-san’s stage play has been decided!

Starring as… monster? Whooopsie

Anyway, congratulations! ヾ(´∀`)ノ


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Koyanagi Arisa 6/5 7:12 PM

Tomorrow is university entrance exam.

I will try to make lots of appeal!

Please cheer on me! (human)

05 - 1 (1)


Matsui Rena 6/6 9:42 AM

So today Arii is having university entrance exam.


Me too, fight!!


Koyanagi Arisa 6/6 10:38 AM

It’s oveeeeeerrr!!!

I was a lot more nervous that I though I’d be…

Because Rena-san and also the members
had cheered on me

I should pass!

Right now I go out to play with my friend.

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