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Must-See Dramas Starring AKB48 Member(s)


Reasons Why Acchan Was And Still Is Beautiful And Perfect


NMB48 13th Single ”Must Be Now” Senbatsu Member That Makes The Most Sense to be Included


Vote For AKB48 Member with The Most Beautiful Facial Profile!


[POLL] Which 2015 Ver. Paruru is your favorite Paruru?


These Kawaei Rina moments bring tears to your eyes


Here are the best moments of AKB48 Kawaei Rina to celebrate. Feel free to chime with yours 🙂 Bonus! These Kawaei Rina moments bring tears to your eyes So long,

Amazing Attack On Titan Cosplay by AKB48 Members


There’s something about beautiful girls cosplaying as bad-ass Anime characters that appeal and grab attention. Check it out some of your favorite idols look rebellious as they are dressed as

AKB48 Members With Best Boobs (AKB48 Boob Senbatsu!?)


So that is it. The big screen on the stage flashes the letters “O” “P” “P” “A” “I” halfway through today’s concert at Saitama Super Arena, and that is when

AKB48 Members Top10: Idols With The Best Booties


In recent years, bit butts have been truly back into fashion thanks to a group of idols that show off their big booties — some even call themselves booty sisters!!

AKB48 Members Top 10: Idols With The Cutest Eye-Smiles


Do you know When Japanese people say “your eyes aren’t smiling”, it means they think your smile is not genuine one? Check out the AKB48 girls who have perfect eye-smiles

Fans tell all: AKB48 Members That I’d Have As My Pet In My Imaginative World


Bet you had that moment when AKB48 members are just so cute that you think “Boy what if I’d have ‘mini’ version of her and have her live in my

AKB48 Members Top10: All Natural AKB48 Beauties


AKB48 is full of natural-born beauties. While basically all of them use makeup to enhance their beauties and overall look, a fair number of them are gifted with a complete

10 Things Even Haters Can’t Deny About Shimazaki Haruka


You can say there’s no idol more multi-faceted than Paruru. 10 Things Even Haters Can’t Deny About Shimazaki Haruka She is socially awkward and people are loving her for that

48G Members Top Ten: Variety Queens


When AKB48 is discovered by somebody for the first time, it’s usually because of a video clip found on Youtube or some other place online that showcases the girls doing

Yamada Nana doesn't want her fans to rush to speculate relationship between her & her kindergarten first love


I’m reading every comment from you guys. I appreciate how much you guys care about me. I really do. So please stop imagining things. Please don’t hurt yourself by doing

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!


1. Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48) 2. Kitagawa Keiko 3. Sasaki Nozomi 4. Aizawa Emilie 5. Kojima Haruna (AKB48) 6. Yoshikawa Chie 7. Yoshikawa Chika 8. Hamasaki Ayumi 9. Princess Yoshiko 10.

AKB48 let SKE48 Matsui Rena and BKA48 Kawaei Rina perform Center in Heavy Rotation to commemorate their graduation


July 4th “The Music Day” Performance will be the first time ever that Heavy Rotation is performed with two Centers. AKB48 will debut their 41th single’s lead song in the