AKB48 Members Top10: All Natural AKB48 Beauties

  July 29, 2015

AKB48 is full of natural-born beauties. While basically all of them use makeup to enhance their beauties and overall look, a fair number of them are gifted with a complete package of beauties.

Top 10 Natural Beauties of AKB48

  • Iriyama Anna


    She’s soooo beautiful and calming.

  • Watanabe Mayu

    She has flawless skin, hair, and body, with a beautiful smile to boot. She doesn’t need any makeup.

  • Shimazaki Haruka

    Her face is not changing at all. Paruru face when she was in elementary school until now has been always natural beauty. Paruru is not my oshi but i think she deserves this poll because she just has that natural beauties in her face.

  • Yamamoto Sayaka

    NMB48 Sayanee’s face when she’s going to sleep is just too awesome.

  • Tano Yuka

    Have you seen her modeling for Rennai Keikaku?

  • Kato Rena

    Rena has an extremely cute face as well as a stunning body. She has extremely fluffy cheeks and nice, droopy eyes.

  • Kuramochi Asuka

    Unlike others, she has that mature sexy look. She has a nice body and a beautiful face. For me, Mocchi is one of the prettiest in the whole

  • Kizaki Yuria

    The way her eyes sparkle and her body… *drool*

  • Sato Sumire

    Since she was a little girl has been with the same beauty, and becomes more beautiful every day…

  • Tano Yuka

    She has this natural beauty that i like! I’m a girl and i always got this feeling when im around or surrounded by my pretty friends that i want to kiss them one by one at the same time i want to smack them because my ”ugh! You’re so frickin cute/pretty that i want to smack you so bad or kiss you” attitude. When she’s one of my pretty friends maybe ill do the same to her hahaha! No, seriously shes pretty. End of story. たのさんだいすきだよ!!❤

  • Tanikawa Hijiri

    Even though she’s only 14, she’s extremely beautiful. She has a perfect white skin tone that contrasts well with her dark, almond eyes and her red lips.

  • Mukaida Manatsu

    Even she’s a graduate member of SKE48, but no doubt that she is extremely cute and gifted with a very nice body.

  • Yokoyama Yui

    An perfect example of traditional japanese beauty. Kimono suits her well. Can’t wait to see AKB48G Yuihan version!

  • Yamamoto Sayaka

    She’s got talent with guitar, nice hobbies and beautiful face and body! The type of beauty that you don’t expect that would ever exist in this world

  • Matsui Rena

    Rena can pull off a princess-like grace, a cute style or a yankee-style, and she was beautiful when she first entered SKE and she’s only gotten prettier over the years.

  • Muto Tomu

    How to describe Tomu’s beauty… words simply won’t do her justice, so here she is going for the cute look with twintail braids, prepped with glasses for serious study, smiling her adorable smile, and looking smoking hot in a bikini.