Battle between Fujita Nana and Oshima Ryoka: Who can draw the worst portrait?

  September 17, 2012
Fujita Nana 9/16 10:24pm

Coz I want to meet Kaoru, I drew a portrait of her!!

Does this resemble her?


I…. can only sense malice from this picture….

↑LOL I completely agree with you.

Maestro Fujita’s painting will come out when people least expect it!

Maybe now what BBA (Katayama Haruka) has become decently good at drawing, we may better move our eyes onto the next generation’s maestro, Fujita Nana?

Fujita Nana 9/16 10:25pm

Does this resemble her?
As I always say, I meant no offence against her( `ω´)キッパリ
Fujita Nana 9/16 10:27pm

It’s secret that I couldn’t write a Kanji for her name, Kaoru.
Oshima Ryoka 9/16 10:28pm


This has become your favorite?

Fujita Nana 9/16 10:32pm

Actually, I think this time, I was able to draw a picture that decently resembles her~.
Fujita Nana 9/16 10:37pm

Ryoka’s one also resembles Kaoru~

Alright! I’m gonna draw a portrait of Ryoka!

Mitsumune Kaoru 9/16 11:41pm

Dahell….. Na~na-san、、、、←
Oshima Ryoka 9/16 10:33

Boom( бвб )
I’m gonna compete against Naana-san!!!

This is Mitsumune Kaoru.


Mittsu, you can be angry at her…. LOL

What the heck is she holding in her hand!!! LOL

This is 13 gen.

Once again I was struck by the fact how 13gen are all kids (except Mitsumune)…

Because Ariyoshi Kyowakoku doesn’t provide much opportunities to promote the 13th gens, I still haven’t remembered all of them….

Fujita Nana 9/16 10:46pm

Oshima Ryoka!

I’m confident with this one!

Oshima Ryoka 10:47pm



Me? Did you just say this thing is me??

Fujita Nana 22:47 9/16

Because Ryoka loves Tomamo, I joined her with a Tomamo!

This is art!!

Okada Ayaka 22:54


I will draw a portrait of Naana-san, too☆
Please don’t look forward to it♥

Fujita Nana 23:09

Oshima Helmet Ryoka!
Fujita Nana 23:12

Oshima Helmet Ryoka

Oshima Helmet Ryoka! It has been decided!!

Fujita Nana 23:15

I regret that I didn’t put my best effort on the portrait of Kaoru.
Fujita Nana 23:17

What should Kaoru join with?

What does she like? A water bear??

Takashima Yurina 23:20

They aren’t going remain in their original form at all!!
Fujita Nana 23:21

Yu~rin! You’re a rabbit!

Izurina is Kappa(⌒▽⌒)←

Nattun is strawberry!

Sahhoo is a locust.

Fujita Nana 23:29

Well, but I won’t draw your portraits that easily~.
Oshima Ryoka 22:23

Fujita Nana 22:34

It’s actually nice!!
Oshima Ryoka 22:37

I won this battle, didn’t I?

What is she holding in her hand? It’s a Beetle!

Oshima Ryoka 22:39

Mine is so nice that it’s going to be so easy to beat Naana-san’s drawing!!
Fujita Nana 22:47

Ryoka, I drew a portrait of you♥
Oshima Ryoka 22:59 9/16

I can’t find any words to describe this coz it really resembles me…

Mitsumune Kaoru 23:40

Oshima Ryoka 22:56

Oshima Ryoka 22:56

Zoom in!!!!
Oshima Ryoka 22:59

Wet texture of her lips!! That’s it!
Fujita Nana 22:59

Doesn’t look like me at all!!!
Oshima Ryoka 22:59

I beat Naana-san~~~( бвб )
Fujita Nana 23:00

Doesn’t look like me AT ALL!!!

My drawing of Ryoka resembles you more!!

Oshima Ryoka 23:03

LOL Wa-wa-wait please!!

This drawing has outstanding quality!

Everyone! You just haven’t realized how awesome my drawings are!!

Takashima Yurina 23:19

Awful…. LOL

Zoom in LOL

It’s like a drawing by kids from the early elementary grades…
Okada Ayaka 23:36

Good evening!!I drew a portrait of Naana-sanー( ? ?ω?? )!
This is the first time I tried drew a portrait of someone!!It was fun LOL(skip)


Fujita Nana 23:37

Wow, you’re so good at drawing! Sweet~
Fujita Nana 23:38

As was expected, Okada-chan is so sweet~~~
Okada Ayaka 23:38

Naana-san. I like you so much♪
Fujita Nana 23:38

As was expected, I like Okada-chan so much~~~

How Naana was teased around by junior members LOL
I bet Naana is so nice to junior members behind the scenes~.

Fujita Nana 23:48

Mitsumune Kaoru vol.2!! This is the masterpiece!!Because I don’t know much about Water Bear, I made her collaborate with Bear!!
Because I finally could make a masterpiece, I guess I can sleep well tonight(⌒▽⌒)


What is with this Hentai Bear hat!?!?

This may be a painting app that was popular among members when AKB48 launched AKB X Google + project.
But back then, everybody drew in a more polite manner~
At least they gotta draw something that can stack up to maestro Niro~ni’s (2012: Yokoyama Yui) works!!!
Mitsumune Kaoru 23:54

It’s getting worse… I need to do something to fix this suc…. this girl.
Fujita Nana 23:56

Kaoru was just trying to call me a sucker(゜-゜)

Why do you slam this masterpeice…

Fujita Nana 23:58

Meh, my drawing and Kaoru’s ones are in different genres, after all~\(^o^)/

Mitsumune Kaoru 23:59

This…This girl is such a professional when it comes to abusing her power as a senior….←

Please carry on Ryou and Naana-san’s portraits to tomorrow~?

Fujita Nana 0:02


That’s it(^^♪

Fujita Nana 0:04

Oops! Kaoru is older than me! I completely forgot!!

Yeah, so, today, it feels so fine that I could create many of masterpieces!!

Fujita Nana 0:07

Anyway, I was able to beat Ryoka!!

Depending on how you look at it, I might beat Kaoru, too?( `ω´)