Keep calm and paste funny photos
“You… are you mocking me!?!? “

“Are you stupid?”
“Kikuchi-san is scary~~♡”
“Magical hand powers!”
“Tragedy will befall Tomochin…!!”
Hata Sanpo deshita (It was Hata walking)”
“(speaking to Chuu) Reply to me from your ass!!!”
“Guys, let’s stop doing that kind of thing!”
“Monster Lip Haruna Kojima”
“Suspicion of secretly having big breasts…”
“Why did you just say “Boo!”….”
“I will cure your disease with this finger.”
“AkiP said to me “Update your blog!!””
“AkiP said to me “Go back to your home, Oita (home prefecture of Sashiko)!!””
“You’d better die!!”
“I can’t think of what to say….”
“Don’t tease girls!!”
“Let’s head to battle…..!!”
“Don’t bullshit me♡”
“I say “I love you” everyday♡”
“She is Shimazaki.”
“She has established her own “Miyazaki style””
This is Miyazaki style
“Those who make the biggest fart will be the winner!!!”
“Indisputable “He(fart) Center”, Yuki Kashiwagi”