Election Campaign Posters for Sashiko made with iPhone

  May 31, 2012
In this election period, needless to say, on 2channel, popular members’ fans are cooperating each other to support their Oshi-men’s campaign.
As smartphone applications have been tremendously developed, nowadays even fans who have no experience in graphic design can make posters for their Oshimen.
Votes are love!!
If so, let’s show the world how much Sashiko is loved by people!!!
Please vote for her as much as your bank account can afford!!”

I love this poster…. It really well explains her charming personalities.
I made to make people feel a sense of crisis(´□`) 
Are you feeling her position, 4th, in the early result is safe?

Certainly, 4th is an amazing result!
But actually votes number she got in the early result is closer to Jurina who is in 8th than Mayuy in 3rd.
On top of that, right below her are Marik-sama, Takamina as well as Rena who has a overwhelming momentum.
Tmochin and Kojiharu will also be boosted up in these 2 weeks.
In the last year, she was in 7th in the early result, and we were somehow relieved with this result, which triggered the rank-down to 9th in the final result.
We can’t make the same mistake again!!
We don’t want to see her crying out of disappointment…
Your vote will ultimately make her smile in the end.

Vote your love for Rino Sashihara.
“Funky Rino ver.!”
4th in the early result?
What I am aiming at is a center, isn’t it?

We support Rino Sashihara!
I want to make a poster myself, too!
How do you guys work on it???
 It’s easy if you do it with a software that you can use layering.
I made every poster with iPhone
This is made with PS Express and CollageDay
This is Phonto.
This is made with Phonto and Pixlromatic
Why there are so many amazing creators on 2channel!?!
I just feel grateful to them! I don’t have any sense of graphic design!
Definitely some are professionals lol
What’s up with their main job!?!? 
Me, who is poor at graphic design made a poster….here it is…
I think this is pretty cool, too!
It’s alright! This is beautiful Sassy!
I want them to change the system so that fans can make official posters for their Oshimen!!
Guys! Please tell this to Yasusu!!