AKB48 Members talk about Itano Tomomi, reassured fans that Tomochin has a great personality

  February 19, 2013

This week, AKB48 Members talked about the natural self of “Itano Tomomi” in music TV show “MJ” (Music Japan) on NHK

AKB48 members were asked to describe Itano Tomomi in one word

“Oshima-san, are Itano-san’s parents teachers?”

“Yes. I think it’s hard to imagine from her appearance. If parents were teachers, we would think they don’t allow their daughter to color hair like her. But contrary to her looks, she is extremely polite and has solid common sense.”

“I’m glad (that Oshima describes me like this)”

“That’s why I wrote, ‘As expected of a daughter of teachers.'”

“Takamina wrote ‘She a girl who hates to lose and has great inner strength.'”

“She insanely hates to lose. It’s incredible. She seems to always stay cool, but when it comes to competition, she is insanely determined.”

“Looks like what Kojima-san wrote is a little bit different?”

“Yeah, I wrote

Surprisingly she is usually one or two steps behind others, she is slow to catch up with latest topics.

When I attended PR event for an overseas Drama, and said the protagonist of the drama is very like Tomochin. And one year later, she said to me, that she was thankful to me that I mentioned her a little while ago.”

“Yeah, because… I belatedly got interested in overseas Drama and did some research about it. Then I found the article of NyanNyan talks about me. So I thought I gotta thank her for it.”

Shinoda: “When I wrote about Tomo on my blog, even if it’s midnight, she texts me:

“Thank you for writing about Tomo~” (←Mariko read it in a funny voice)” (laughter)

Takahashi: “Your impersonation is horrible lol”

Shinoda: “So I think it’s so cute of her”

Host: “What junior members think about Itano-san?”

Shimazaki: “She is…… so sweet.”

Shimazaki: “At Christmas, Itano-san transformed herself into Santa Claus and gave me a gift!”

Everyone: “I’m jealous!! She didn’t give me anything!”

Next Question is “Secret Episode of Itano Tomomi that only me know.”

Kashiwagi Yuki wrote “She is a gamer. More enthusiastic  than you expect.

Kashiwagi: “Recently when we were together at dressing room, I heard she muttered to herself,

“Ah, I’m gonna drop at Yodobashi Camera to buy a game.

I often hear her talk about gaming to herself.”

Itano: “Actually I like playing games.

Maybe it’s because I hate to lose, I often find myself playing a game for hours until I beat enemies in the game.”

Watanabe Mayu wrote “She and Dale(Disney Character) are friends.”

Watanabe: “This is a story from last year’s Kohaku Utagassen.

We performed on the stage together in the show.

Before the stage, I saw Dale and Tomochin-san were talking together friendly.”

Takahashi: “She was so cute. She appeared at the rehearsal in Mickey Mouse clothes because she somehow thought Mickey would participate, too.”

Itano: “I really like Disney. I figured if I wore Mickey Mouse T-shirt, I would be able to catch his attention.

But since we did rehearsal in costume, that was a vain attempt.”

Yokoyama: “Because I wasn’t an original member of (2nd) team K, my debut day in the team was different from other members.”

*9gen member Yokoyama was promoted to a regular member (team K) during Tokyo Aki-Matsuri (Tokyo Autumn Festival) in 2010.

Yokoyama: “I vividly remember she offered me an encouraging comment on my debut day (Shonichi).”

Itano: “Wow~~ What did I say?”

Yokoyama: “Uhmmmmm….. I’m sorry, I forgot what exactly, her words were…”


Takahashi: “LOL It was supposed to be a wrap up comment of this talk section!!”

Oshima: “Why don’t you just imagine what she said to you,

Express it through nuance!”

Shinoda: “Oh yeah, it doesn’t have to be precise.”

Yokoyama: “Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. I think it was ‘Ganbarou’ or something like that…..”

Everyone: “LOL”

Yokoyama: “But But (even though I don’t remember her word at all,) it left a deep impression on me.”

Itano: “The seat become so wet from my sweat…… lol”

After the talk, Senbatsu members sang the latest single (goes on sale February 20th) “So Long”