Sashihara Rino revealed another cute episode of Itano Tomomi aka Tomochin-san

  August 22, 2012
Sashihara Rino 8/22 1:25am

Who is a member who can’t take medicine without this drink?
(Jelly drink that make it easy to drink medicine: prolly marketed to Kids )



Sashihara Rino 8/21 1:33am

The answer is…. Chinsan. She is such Kawaii….


Wait! Chintomo-san can’t take medicines without “Okusuri Nometame – the name of the jelly drink”?
That’s exactly what I expect from Chiintomo-san!!

How she can have such a perfectly attractive gap (from her cool public image as an icon)!

Is Samantha Thacasa Okay with this episode goes public???

Come on…. It’s grape flavor one! It makes her even cuter….

Sashihara did a wonderful job to report members private episodes aftere she reported Takamina’s cute twintail hairstyle….

Sashihara Rino 8/19

Last evening, I was with Miicchan and Ricchan, I talked with Natsu over the phone as well. This is how Minami-chan looks like today. TWINTAIL♥



Sashihara Rino 8/22 1:33am

By the way, I wrap medicine with oblaat every time I take it. Yeah I know, it’s absolutely not Kawaii.