Virtual Handshake: Can you make it through 20 virtual handshakes with the cute AKB members?

  March 10, 2013

Today AKB48 held handshake event for UZA (nationwide) at Makuhari Messe, Chiba.

There were a bit of unfortunate accidents during handshake session. However, thanks to kind staffs, the majority of fans, who have no way to attend the handshake event, could take a sneak peak at the event. So, ready? Let’s get start!

(Since comments from Netizens are insanely funny, I included them in the post. So, please keep it in your mind that those funny comments are not mine.)


Last week’s handshake event of AKB48February 23th’s handshake event of AKB48 


Araki: To respond to the request from tons of people, we will hold vertual handshake event today, again.

Araki: Vertual Handshake with Makotasu (Kojima Mako – 小嶋真子)

AKB AKB Wota: Whoaaaa! Kojimako-chan!!

AKB AKB Wota: From this photo, I have an impression Kojimako is way too smaller than we imagine.

Araki: Virtual Handshake Ishida Haruka (石田晴香 – Ishida Haruka)

AKB Wota: Can (Harukyan) looks so skinny as always.

AKB Wota: Before we knew it, she has had such a soft expression on her face. Before, there was a time she looked kinda a little angry all the time.

Araki: Virtual Handshake Event Yuurin (Takashima Yurina – 高島祐利奈)

AKB Wota: Her wrist watch looks kinda cool.

AKB Wota: IMO, ….. Mix Kashiwagi Yuki and Ohta Aika, and make it cuter. Then you have this girl.

AKB Wota: And she resembles Sashihara Rino, too.

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Chiichan (Nakata Chisato – 中田ちさと)

AKB Wota: She kinda looks like she is from Bubble Period?

AKB Wota: Is she playing VolleyBall?

AKB Wota: Looking at her hands makes me want to go south!!!!!

Araki: Virtual Handshaking (technically this is not) Ryoka (Oshima Ryoka – 大島涼花)

AKB Wota: LOLOLOL Come on Ryoka! Shake my hands!!!

Araki: I found Ayaka (Okada Ayaka – 岡田彩花) is partying all alone….

Me: Cheers!!!

Me: Cheer!!!!!

AKB Wota: 13 years old, big eater Okada Ayaka, what the hell are you doing?

AKB Wota: No, no, no, no. he should have not shared this photo with fans (since fans will tease her with this.) LOL

AKB Wota: I miss Bocchi Kai (Party of members living alone in Tokyo), Atsu, Gon and Cha (Maeda Atsuko, Nakagawa Haruka and Takajo Aki)…

Araki: Virtual handshaking Minarun (Ohba Mina – 大場美奈)

AKB Wota: She….. !!! She got a neck!!


AKB Wota: Is this transparent-style new trend for this season?

AKB Wota: Yes. Minarun passionately talked about the fashion on the radio. She said “This Spring’s trend must be transparency.”

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Kikudi (Kikuchi Ayaka – 菊池あやか)

AKB Wota: Cute!

AKB Wota: Don’t you think her fingers are long?

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Hashimoto Hikari, Nishino Miki and Hirata Rina (橋本耀, 西野未姫, 平田梨奈)

AKB Wota: She exactly looks like young Mayuyu!!

AKB Wota: The girl in the middle, her clothing gives me headache…..

AKB Wota: I used to laugh at guys who insist that Nishino Miki is reminiscent of young Mayuyu. But I must apologize to them.

Nishino Miki 3/10 22:50


And for today, I dressed in Lolita style(,,> <,,)

Long dreamed Lolita Style(﹡֦ƠωƠ֦﹡)

What do you think about me as Lolita?

My hair….. yeah I cut my bang short!

Nope. I just made it up.

Actually it’s a bang wig!

This is the first time you see me with flat bang!*\(^o^)/*

I have one thing to ask you. Which do you think better, me with side swept bangs or me with flat bangs?


Araki: Virtual Handshaking Mariya (Nagao Mariya – 永尾まりや)

AKB Wota: Awwwwwwww!! I want to date with her in the storm of yellow sand!!!

AKB Wota: Gaaaahhhhhhh!! Happy Birthday Yagisan!!!!

AKB Wota: “Gal Yagi” is insanely cute!

Araki: Virtual Handshake Kitarie (Kitahara Rie – 北原里英)

AKB Wota: Gorgeous Transparency~!

AKB Wota: Did she buy these clothes herself!?  Even though it’s upper arm, I can’t help but staring at transparent parts!

Araki: Virtual Handshake Yuihan (Yokoyama Yui – 横山由依)

AKB Wota: Cat for top, and for bottom, panther! Guys! Is this the style of Kyoto?

AKB Wota: Is this Showa Era?

AKB Wota: Definitely, her lower body is completely being NMB48.

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Juri (Takahashi Juri – 高橋朱里)

AKB Wota: Who is she?

AKB Wota: She kinda looks different today.

AKB Wota: School Uniform….. Nose Bleed!

AKB Wota: To commemorate the graduation, she dressed in school uniform, right?

AKB Wota: Her eye shape looks different because of eyeliner trick.


AKB Wota: She looks handsome and noble!

AKB Wota: She has changed her hairstyle and make-up since Tanochan’s birthday celebration.

She has become handsome~!

AKB Wota: She kinda reminds me of Takizawa Tsubasa as a kid.

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Suuchan (Sato Sumire – 佐藤すみれ)

Araki: Virtual Handshake Amina (Satoh Amina – 佐藤あみな)

AKB Wota: Is……. is she okay???

AKB Wota: A….. Amina-chan?

AKB Wota: Oh okay….

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Wasamin (Iwasa Misaki – 岩佐美咲)

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Moeno (Nito Moeno – 仁藤萌乃)

AKB Wota: Again, transparency

AKB Wota: Moeno-chan looks so cute! She is like the curtain in my home!!

Araki: Virtual Handshaking Haru (Shimada Haruka – 島田晴香)

AKB Wota: OMG! I wanna dive into her boobs you know!!