AKB48+Me will go on sale this fall (and 2 other stories on Ero Mayuyu and Nakayan)

  June 22, 2012

AKB48+Me will go on sale this fall

AKB48+Me, the game in which you can become members of the idol group, AKB48, will be released this fall for Nintendo 3DS console from Kadokawa games!

Player will become KKS of AKB48 and set out for your career as AKB48, experiencing various events of AKB. Members of AKB48 also will make appearances as Mii.

Introduction Movie by MaeAmi, Wasamin and Takamina

Official website: http://akb48me.com/


Acchan & Tomochin
NyanNyan & Mariko-sama
Yuko & Mayuyu
Takamina & Yukirin

Ero Mayuyu

Lovetan~~~~ I’m envious of you~~~

I’m glued to Mayuyu’s right hand….

She hasn’t changed from this video.
Approaching to Lovetan to kiss…. -> Rubbing her butt

Uhmmm I wonder how does it feel like touching Lovetan’s butt…. It looks so comfortable….

“Hi-Senbatsu Idol”, written by Nakaya Sayaka surpassed 50K sales mark!!

Mousa Staff on twitter

【Surpassed 50K copies!!】Nakaya Sayaka’s novel “Hi-Senbatsu idol” went into 5th printing!! It’s surprising….. Thank you so much. Obi will be renewed, too!! Everyone, please check it out!