What If Takamina Sings Mayuyu’s Syncro Tokimeki

  May 4, 2012

While Mayuyu is gradually going being recognized as a virtual center of AKB’s next chapter, residents of Japanese online communities are spinning their wild fancy for our dear leader Takamina. They are trying to explain how Takamina has both Mayuyu’s cute charm and Acchan’s fascination, and it can be seen if she sings Mayuyu’s solo track Syncro Tokimeki.

From two channel “What If Takamina Sings Mayuyu’s Syncro Tokimeki

I think it’s gonna totally change her image (in a good way). Look her performance of Gu~none(ぐ~のね) at Ogi Matsuri (尾木祭り: Music fes held by Ogi productions). Lovely…..!
(Though Cindy looks like doing lip-syncing, I think this song is live-vocal.)

I think after she finished a song, she spoke to fans “Thank you for letting me sing this song. How was my performanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Come one, both Mayuyu and  Takamina are Handsome in Haruyama’s Ad (紳士服のはるやま)!!
(I think there’re many misconducts in this Ads.. lol How many can you find??)

Come with us to be Handsome!!!

Uhmmm I think now Takamina’s mind is full of AKB rather than her solo debut..

(Takamina’s Undressed Honest Words To Everyone)

But among all AKB members, I think Takamina is the one who are desperately want to make solo debut… (I think most people agree with this..)
Takamina’s vocal is good match for Hard Rock music. Thick and handsome!
So, costume for Takamina also put that big screw lever on it’s back????

I want to see Takamina’s performing 軟体恋愛クラゲっ娘 (Nantai Renai Kuragekko)
タネ / Tane by Mayuyu, Lovetan and Wasamin
I think Go~none at Ogi Matsuri was an Dead air…..
Come on don’t dis Cindy!!!”
Though I don’t think Mayuyu’s voice sounds similar to Takamina at all, what matters most for her career as a singer is whether there’ll be a leader who can succeed the role of Takamina. If only she could concentrate on training her style of music, which is different from AKB’s typical tunes… But if she is not a leader then we  haven’t come to love her so much? Yeah yeah I’m not gonna tell a lie, I want to see Takamina as a leader who represents AKB spirit in every aspects, but as much as I love her as a leader, I want her to achieve her dream and want to see a new leader who have same level of caliber as her.