Sassy….. your legs arouse me so much…. (and 2 more about Ricchan and Paruru)

  September 5, 2012

 (Members dressed in new (TD ver.) costume for Gingham Check)

It’s so erotic….

Shimazaki is so hot, too….

Zoom in!

Look her body line from her thighs to her hips. It’s so hard not to get a boner…

It’s not Sashiko but this girl who you really need to put your eyes on.

I LOL’d at Annin and Minarun’s faces in the pic….

Tomochin was doing mischief on Sashiko? LOL

Wait, why is Sashiko even on Kayoukyoku when Yokoyama is making an appearance at the NMB48 theater?

At least this time, I can forgive her because it seems she said something funny to Tomochin, and I could see Tomochin’s cute smile thanks to Sashiko.


Ricchan (Kawaei Rina)! I’ve fallen love with Ricchan!!

I haven’t known about her until now!
Thank you so much!
She is so fresh and cute!! She will be my Oshi from now!!

↑Welcome (^o^)


I’ve fallen in love with Paruru. What the heck is this adorable pose….

Paruru is carrying a mic….. //∀//

Heavy Rotation

Anyway, for the time being, let me share the picture of real beauty


Shimazaki Haruka 9/4 23:24pm

Live broadcasting of “Kayoukyoku”. How was that? Please let me know your impressions!



It’s cruel to let them sing with a real singer….

Why are their voices are so small……

I bet Nakai-kun was sleeping….

I can hardly to hear their voices…..

The only member I was impressed with was Yukirin. I can’t wait for her solo single!!!

You know what? “Nada Sou Sou” is a song that Moriyama Ryoko wrote about her late brother, so Esumi Makiko, who also lost her brother in 2006, was crying so hard…..