What is the best album artwork of all AKB’s releases??

  August 23, 2012

I love River or Kamikyoku Tachi…
It was a peak period of Acchan’s devine beauty…


So many AKB members (in 1830m’s album artworks)

Kokoniitakoto” (´・ω・`)

As for singles, I like ones of “River”.

I think the best artworks may be either of BINGO, Yuuhi o Miteiruka, RIVER or Iiwake Maybe.

I can’t think of anything but this one.

Come on, look at Michael Jackson in the position of Goal Keeper lol Too cool!!!

All of them look sooooo fresh, something we will never feel from them now.

Ogoe Diamond


Theater version of Ogoe Diamond

I like Beginner, too.

If you’re talking about “cool” designs, they you can’t forget GM5!!

Ponytail to ChouChou.
In terms of how big impact the artworks have brought, this is by far the best single.

Baby baby baby

RIVER has the best overall image.
I like the selection of members of Kaze ha Fuiteiru.
The album artwork that has left the biggest impression in my head is of course Namida Surprise.
And as a man, I can’t live without Everyday Kachusa for health reasons.

If you take a loot at the photobook “AKB ga Ipppai – AKB is all around!

No brainer, RIVER and Kamikyoku-tachi are the best.

translated by Bryan and Tommy