AKB48 4th Album title announced. It’s ”1830m” (Updated)

  July 16, 2012

Togasaki Tomonobu
Just now, AKB48 4th album’s title was announced by Takahashi Minami. It’s “1830m”
Also, Maeda Atsuko expressed her gratitude towards fans as she participated in her last handshake event.

Oh…. Okay…..


For an album title, it’s not that impressive.
They didn’t need to stick to the theme of Tokyo Dome for even the album…


The press will probably ask them in every interview, “What does this title 1830m mean?”

↑And it’s probably their intention to be asked what 1830m means every time, right?

↑ Kami-10!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jurina is there but Rena-chan isn’t in Kami-10!?!? Damn!!

Acchan + top 9 members, right?

This is what Rena-chan was talking about. The difference between a “Single Digit” and a “Double Digit.”

It looks like they are looking at Tokyo Dome in the album cover….

In the album cover released today, Maeda Atsuko is positioned in the center , between original members Kojima Haruna and Itano Tomomi, along with other 7 members. They pose as if looking up to Tokyo Dome with a wealth of emotion.
The title of this Maeda Atsuko’s graduation album is the distance between AKB48 theater and Tokyo dome, “1830m”, the same title of AKB’s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.
This album will contain 6 singles from Sakura no Kininarou ~ GIVE ME FIVE! and other unit songs and solo numbers in 2 CDs.

Source, Translated and edited by Carey, Hikaru and Tommy