(Updated) Masuda Yuka announced that she won’t participate in Tokyo Dome concert in August

  July 11, 2012

Togasaki Tomonobu
Just now, Masuda Yuka announced that she won’t join the upcoming Tokyo dome concert to focus on training for Miyamoto Amon-san produced musical.

What about team B Oshi!??!

Of course, we have Izurina!!

How about DiVA’s songs!!

This means……. DiVA won’t perform in Tokyo Dome concert….?
It’s a quite shocking for Sae-chan, Umechan and Okaro Oshi….

Then KK will join DiVA as a pinch hitter for Yuka!!!!

Why don’t they let Jurina to join DiVA as she has been longing to join the unit!!

Because this is the last concert for Acchan, I wish she would appear even though it’s only a short time…

↑ I think she will make appearance at last.

I can understand her reason. But this is the worst act as a member of AKB48, isn’t it?
now she has to leave the group, I think.

On the contrary, I think this is how AKB member should be like.
Use AKB as a footstool to step up on, get more and more work as an individual entertainer, and ultimately graduate this school called AKB48.

Sure…..I know that AKB is a step for their dream…. but what about their dream as AKB!?!? I….. I feel kind of void in my heart…

They should prioritize their individual work.

Probably she also had a tough time to make a decision…… but I’m so sorry about this….

So now she will be able to fully concentrate on musical during training, right??
It can’t be helped but as DiVA Oshi, I can’t say I’m not disappointed….

If it’s Tokyo Dome concert, I think she have to join it….
She can claim herself to be a real professional only when she successfully achieve a good work in both.

I think it’s alright. It’s not that different from being absent from Stage performance because of  Drama work, ins’t it?

She doesn’t want to do things half-heartedly.  I think she can’t do something clever like joining Tokyo dome concert, while practicing for the musical, the precious chance she managed to win after give it 120%. 
If she failed, she will never be able to accept it.
I think it’s a dick move of the management that have created this situation where she had to make a tough decision.

Maybe this is their measure to deal with fans enraged at her withdrawal from Janken tournament.

Really, because of you guys, AKB is almost dead in the water….

I didn’t mind much about her withdrawal from Janken but I was taken aback that she won’t join TD concert, too…
Because this is a milestone of AKB48, and an end of one chapter of AKB’s history, I wanted her to join it….

Probably she will be super busy with training from August.
And it’s absurd if an actress who plays a main role doesn’t join the training, so it can’t be helped.

I see. We’d better expect Ncchan’s dramatic comeback during performance of team B Oshi.


Masuda Yuka confessed her thought on her withdrawal from upcoming AKB48 TOKYO DOME concert

Blog…… I almost wept……

My current feeling


Again I have a thing to tell you.

There will be 3days Tokyo dome concert in the end of August…..
But because I have training for musical , I decided not to join this concert.

Following the announcement of my withdrawal from Janken tournament…. I’m so sorry to announce this to everyone.

Tokyo dome is…..

The goal of AKB48, and the place we all have been aiming at.
I won’t join this concert……

I’d been torn. I thought about it a lot.
And I think there are definitely many people who don’t think good about my decision.

If I were in the same position as you, I would certainly feel, “I think you should achieve result in both activities. Than’s what it meant to be AKB girls.”

But… I bet my life on this musical.

If I won’t join training, it will cause trouble to other casts.

I received an email from Akimoto-sensei right after when the audition has finished.

“Finally you’ve got Chance no Junban (chance’s order)”

I am also feeling the same, “Finally I’ve got Chance no Junban”

And that’s why I give it everything in all seriousness.

Now that I reached this point,
and I really…. really….. make it successful show….!!!!

I can’t ask you to support me, but……. I will be happy if you understand my feeling.

増田有華オフィシャルブログ 今の気持ち

It was so nice that I could hear her thought.
Who support her if we, her fans, won’t??(゚´ω`゚)゚

It’s no brainer that who feel heartbroken the most is Yuttan herself…..
It is too much to bear that there are too many people who can’t understand other people’s feelings….

Updated: July 11, 2012 (Originally posted July 10, 2012)