A Girl From Hawaii Won Glamorous Magazine Model Audition

  March 25, 2012
Tyler Suzuki walks the Runnway

Fashion Magazine Glamorous held the audition to find their next top models on 24th Mar in Tokyo. Tyler Suzuki from Hawaii won the crown position.

This audition was held as the Magazine celebrates it’s 7th year anniversary, and collaborated with famous model agency LDH, which has famous names such as Jun Hasegaka, Yayumi Sada, and Seri Iwahori.

Suzuki said when her name was announced as a winner, “I was too excited and couldn’t think about what was happening”, “Since I was a child, being a model has been my dream. I don’t think it realized yet, but I7m so happy and excited.”

She will start her career in Japan from May and will belong to the agency LDH.

Jun Hasegawa, one of the top names of the magazine who has just announced her marriage to Chinese American who lives in Hawaii, is also from Hawaii. Asked about her new homy, she said “Both She and I are from Hawaii, so I want to look after her as her senior.”

Jun Hasegawa