Minegishi Minami is AKB48’s Best Dancer

  September 21, 2012

She is by far the best dancer in the new song.
Oshima Yuko? No comparison here. Compared to Miichan, Oshima is nothing.

I don’t know whether she is a good dancer or not, but I like how she dance smoothly.

Everyone displayed their own unique edges, and it was an outstanding show. We can say now AKB is in the mature phase.
Minegishi is already nailing it, but she is a type of girl who improves her performance as she repeats the performance over and over.
I guess this solo dance part will ultimately be an improvisation!!

I haven’t fully digested the new song, but I can at least say Minegishi is the first girl of 48 group who impressed me by her dancing.

And from her commentary in yesterday’s Janken tournament, she has proven that she is also talented in talking.
She can dance and talk, she is so versatile and an ideal talent from the perspective of TV production companies.

Miichan is so cute and an awesome dancer in Seifuku ga Jama o suru!

Dancing-wise, Oshima Yuko displayed her overwhelming skill.
She is the 1-Oshi of Hiro from EXILE, actually.
I was also impressed when she nailed the very difficult step.
Other members who impressed me are,
Sayanee, Minegishi and Takahashi.

↑ You just listed members who are said to be good dancers in fandom…

Her dancing skill may need to be known more to the general TV audiences…

She looks freaking cool…

She is cool,
but her performance is rarely captured by TV cameras…

I can understand why Natsu Mayumi called her genius.
It gave me goosebumps when I watched she was beating out rhythm with shaking her back.

From Sashihara fan thread.

Sure, it’s not Oshima’s dancing skill but how athletically coordinated she is that makes me impressed.
I can’t help but saying, “Wow” at her ability and intensity to control her body and muscle like a feral child.

I love how she can express through her facial expressions.

And this is a member who admires Minegishi Minami’s dancing skill.

Matsuoka Natsumi 8/26

I took a photo with Minegishi-san!!!

Though I haven’t told this,
but I actually like her so much. I wanna eat her LOL

It’s been an one-way love and
I can be happy just by looking at her,



I think she is the best dancer in AKB48 (I don’t know much about members after 9gen)
But it’s disappointing that she always fails to dance properly the part where she crosses arms in the beginning of Gingham Check.
I haven’t seen such a big mistakes ever, so I even doubt it’s because of inborn structure of her arms….

Top 3 Members whose dancing I like the best!
Chintomo (Itano Tomomi)

It’s exactly the same in this old poll by AKB members.

Who is the best dancer among members?
1st. Minegishi Minami – 18 out of total 48 votes
-I love her sexy waist move♥
-She caught my eyes just naturally.
-She’s been a better dancer from the beginning!!
-Coz I’m always amazed my her great dancing!
2nd. Oshima Yuko – 9/48
-Though she is tiny, she looks huge when she dances!
-She dances in a clear and dynamic manner that makes me forget the fact she is a little tiny girl!
3rd. Umeda Ayaka – 7/48
-She is kinda like a master of dancing
-Her dancing is so quick and clear. I respect her!!


LOL it’s not Chintomo but Umechan!! (´・ω・`)

↑x2 It’s too old information.
By the way, aren’t Antis the one who start threads like this where they rave Miichan’s dancing skill?
If you’re MiiOta, you already know she is a freaking good dancer,
besides, she doesn’t want people to have a fixed image that she is a dancer.
And she herself admits that she can’t stack up to members from SKE and NMB, who’ve practiced dancing in more professional manner .
What attractive about Miichan’s dancing is not her skill but her talent and flexibility that she can adjust herself to any genre of songs.

Miichan is good but Yuko is at one or two levels higher than her.

↑Good morning sir.
Yuko can’t beat out a rhythm with the trunk of the body, so her movement doesn’t look smooth.
The same can be true to Takamina.
Improving this requires a long professional training and career, so it can’t be helped.
And, those who can do this in professional manner are Minegishi and Yamamoto.
They can keep dancing on the same beat. That’s the difference between those who have learned dancing from professionals and those who haven’t had much professional training.

Yuko’s dancing is a similar to that of SKE.
She can’t be considered to be a good dancer but she is just so athletically coordinated.
And it’s true that Miichan nailed it in UZA. And so did Sayanee.

I genuinely think she is good at dancing.
But the thing is, I can’t sense any passion from her dancing.
Because she can dance well, sometimes she looks like she is dancing in halfhearted manner.

↑ I can kinda understand what you mean.

I really like Minegishi’s dancing in Dokugumo.

I think Kasai is better than her in this genre…

What Kasai and Minegishi have in common is smoothness.

AKB Dance Senbatsu

Miichan, Tomochin, Yuko, Tomo~mi, Nattsumi, Umechan, Wasamin, Abema (Abe Maria)

Is there anyone else? (´・ω・`)

Suzuran, Tanochan and Iwata Karen.

Oops, I’ve forgotten them! (´・ω・`)

So Karen is also a good dancer? I’ve never heard of it.

↑x3 I think probably Fujita Nana and Aigasa Moe can be included in this Senbatsu.

It’s not only about dancing but she is “Jack of all trades and master of none” about everything.
She has a knack for anything but can’t be No.1 in anything…

I’ll stop being Ota if there would be anyone who still don’t agree with the fact that she is cute even after seeing this photo.