Takahashi Minami’s Love towards Minegishi Minami is…. way beyond description

  September 6, 2012

Their relationship is just astounding…. I mean….. so amazing….

I can’t stop grinning when I watched that feeding scene in Gachi-Chare

Yeah…. their relationship is so special……

As everyone knows, Takamina is like Miichan’s big sister, like…. she attended Miichan’s graduation ceremony….

They’re so close that I even wonder what happened between them in the past…. ><

Takamina loves Miichan’s cheeks and Miichan pretends that she doesn’t like it when Takamina is touching her cheeks~

W Minami eating one bowl of ramen. Their heads touching each other.

 Miichan takes a huge bite on Takamina’s hamburger, and Takamina is so happy about it.

2 Neko are sleeping on the floor
Probably Takamina sneaked to her side while Miichan was sleeping on the floor….

 Miichan’s emotional pillar, Takamina.

Takamina just wants to hug Miichan at every opportunity.

Miichan nuzzling Takamina

They’re relaxed when they are together….. well, sometimes get relaxed way too much…??

They’re always close to each other…. Well…. Sometimes way too close….

I don’t care whether it’s Miichan or Takamina, but can one of you please change your position with me?

 For some reason, Takamina feeds Marshmallow that she took a small bite to Miichan.


Takamina surrounded by cute girls.

“Miichan and Takamina hugging and sleeping together on a sofa at Narita airport.
This is a very familiar scene in AKB, but this time, Takamina was a little sick and Miichan was hugging her, trying to cure her.

AKB has a medicine that is called Friendship.”

~ by Miyazawa Sae


For whatever reason, Miichan can’t stop expressing her love for Takamina in front of Kojiharu.

Takamina cant help but wanting to take care of Miichan.

Takamina was taken a photo when she was cuddling up to Miichan~

Because sleeping Miichan was so adorable, Takamina tried to Paparacci her

I LOL’d at how Takamina cares so much about Miichan…. *tears

This is what we call Takahashissment???

They are having lunch together. W Minami ftw~!

W Minami from the back!!

Probably Takamina is cheating height with heels!

When it comes to events celebrating Takamina, Miichan becomes as Dere (lovey-dovey) as possible.

I think I’ve never seen a person more Tsundere than Takamina towards Miichan.

The way Takamina makes physical contact to Miichan is a kind of similar to the way how Acchan touches Takamina’s body…… Common points? Maybe a possessive feeling??

They are just being themselves and showing affections to each other regardless of whether camera is filming them.

Takamina envies Kojiharu who can always be bold enough.

 Miichan and Takamina get hyper at their dream stage!

This scene that everyone still vividly remembers….


“Guys, let me introduce to you my girlfriend!”

Because of her overwhelming love for Miichan, Takamina has become a poet.

“It feels so natural being with you.
It makes me feel so peaceful being with you.
I hope we will always be together.
I truly hope so. ”

“I’m so grateful for the fact that I was able to meet you.
Thank you.”

W Minami is da best!!

W Minami Hamburger~

I was so impressed at this moment at TD dome…
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This thread was totally awesome as I expected~

I genuinely think their relationship is awesome. They trust each other, they frolic with each other, and are totally cozy when they’re together…
I love how Miichan sees Takamina as something like her boyfriend.
It’s also so heartwarming to see Takamina become so relaxed when she is with Miichan….