AKB48 14gen members profiles have been uploaded on AKB official website

  July 15, 2012
The 14th gen KKS have arrived!

Okada Nana, this girl…
looks like Shimazaki…

A select few, right? 

Indeed, they took in too many 13th gen girls it seems, just by looking at this.

6 girls for the 14th gen… But even so, still more than 6th gen, yeah?(From wikipedia)

3rd KKS (6th gen) Audition
Final Judgement: 5 People PassedPeople that passed:
Katano Yurie, Takajo Aki, Nishizawa Sara, Nonaka Misato
Main temporary successful applicants (cadet)::Katoono Mizuho,‎ Suzuki Shihori, Matsui Sakiko, Ishiguro Rimi
Main unsuccessful applicants: Suzuki Mariya

Another Kojima has come lol

I think the ones that look like they could get popular with their looks are Okada and Maeda.

You can’t tell with just the profile photos, gotta look at the video.

That Okada girl looks like and has a feel of a young Mocchi (Kuramochi Asuka).
内山奈月 (Uchiyama Natsuki)
Agency: AKS
Born in Sep 25 1995
From Kanagawa
岡田奈々  (Okada Nana)
Agency: AKS
Born in Nov 7 1997
From Kanagawa
小嶋真子  (Kojima Mako)
Agency: AKS
Born in May 30 1997
From Tokyo
西野未姫 (Nishino Miki)
Agency: AKS
Born in Apr 4 1999
From Shizuoka
 橋本耀 (Hashimoto Hikari)
Agency: AKS
Born in June 17 1997
From Kanagawa
前田美月 (Maeda Mitsuki)
Agency: AKS
Born in Oct 5 1998 
From Tokyo
Uchiyama Natsuki looks like Harugon
Whether they strictly selected members so that making them “A selected capable few” or the criteria for 14th gen was the same as it was for 13th gen but  only 6 members left.
How can I say….. not that impressive except Maeda….
But… yeah, there were too many in the 13th gen.
13th gen needed a selection screening…..
And I’ve just learned everyone….orz….

High rate of members from Kanagawa.

Perhaps next year we’ll see members born in 2,000..

There already are members born in 2000 in NMB’s 3rd gen. SKE’s 5th gen as well.

Maeda Mitsuki is fine-looking, but as Yasusu didn’t make a raviing comment on her like he did for that girl in HKT’s 2gen, maybe she doesn’t stack up to the girl?

 Maeda Mitsuki
 Hashimo Hikari
Nishino Miki
 Okada Nana
It’s Probably intentional for like Meada and Kojima….
Kato Rena, who is the Oshi of management, has the same birthday as Acchan and it’s like 0048, isn’t it?
And 13gen’s Ace is….. Oshima Ryoka…

I don’t think this management is that stupid….
Though we can’t deny the possibility that they want to make the dramatic story based on the fact that they are sharing the same name.

Please set a fierce rivalry between the 3rd Maeda (Mitsuki) and the 3rd Oshima (Ryoka)

source 1, 2, translated and edited by Wingom, bryansate and Tommy