HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura’s “LOL” portraits of HKT members.

  August 21, 2012

Hi, guys, this is a story about HKT member Miyawaki Sakura’s portraits of HKT48 members…

Guys, did you see? HKT members have started bashing Sakuratan lol

I think at least for this time, it’s Sakuratan’s fault…

Did Sakuratan do something wrong?

Look your Google+ stream….
You can find Sakuratan’s hand drawing portraits…. Lol

Don’t bully Sakuratan(´□`) …
Uhmm? So something wrong has happened?

I think those portraits crossed the line lol
I really hope she won’t draw Sashiko’s portrait…

LOL I actually want to see her draw Sashiko’s portrait.

Murashige Anna Aug 8/21 5:46pm

This is how I look to Sakuratan….
Guys, I’m so sad….

Nakanishi Chiyori 8/21 17:51

Everyone! Please check out my post, too!
Wakatabe Haruka 8/21 18:04

Everyone please check out my post, too!

↑ I copied her…

Miyawaki Sakura 8/21 21:16

Murashige Anna 8/21 21:16


Nakanishi Chiyori Aug 8/21 5:50PM

This is Nakanishi to Sakuratan’s eyes…..
I’m….. lost…..

Nakanishi Chiyori 8/21 17:49

I have the same nice eyebrows as Murashige~~lol
Nakanishi Chiyori 8/21 17:52

She said these white circles below my eyes are not tears but swellings of skin.
Miyawaki Sakura 8/21 21:16

Nakanishi Chiyori 8/21 21:21

Oh my dear Sakuratan♥

Wakatabe Haruka 8/21 6:04PM

This is how I look to Sakuratan.

Well….. Yeah….. I’m 100% fine…


Miyawaki Sakura 8/21 21:16

Wakatabe Haruka 8/21 22:11


Wait? I think her latest G+ post is the announcement of Sakura+… where you found these pictures?

Ohh now I understand….
Sakuratan….. she has literally no talent for painting lol



Wakatabe Haruka 8/21 10:06PM

Here is a group photo of Sakuratan’s portraits of us☆
It looks awesome to see one by one, but when they all gather up, it becomes even more astounding!
This pretty much tells how awesome Maestro Sakuratan is, doesn’t this?
It’s so attractive…
Her destroying power is….
Do you think they look like the real us?

Wakatabe haruka 8/21 22:06

I think she succeeded to capture features of our faces….
Fukagawa Maiko 8/21 22:15

Yeah, if you’re talking about “features”, you’re right…..
Miyawaki Sakura 8/21 22:42

Uhm do they really look like??