Kyary PamyuPamyu shares her take on “Minegishi Minami’s apology and Japanese Idol Culture”

  February 15, 2013

Kyary PamyuPamyu shares her take on “Minegishi Minami’s apology and Japanese Idol Culture” in French TV Show


I guess it’s still fresh in your memory that AKB48 member Minegishi Minami made a tearful, heart-breaking apology with a shaved head for breaking the group’s Love-ban-law and had sleepover at a member of Exile offshoot group, Shirahama Aran’s house.

As you may know, or probably had enough of crazy stories on this incident, her apology made quite a sensation around the globe. The shaven-head figure of the idol at her career peak as an idol has shocked so many people, not just people within AKB fandom, but the rest of world that has probably no clue as to what Japanese idols are all about, not to mention AKB48 phenomenon itself.

It has become a topic on Japanese blog spehre that Kyary PamyuPamyu made a comment on the chain of events that all started from Shukan Bunshun’s article on Minegishi’s sleepover.

Kary is a girl who is known to be her eccentric taste of fashion and creative talent as well as headache inducing music. In short, she holds a very unique world view and is very talented how to show it to the world. So it’s no wonder everyone is so curious about what she talked about Minegishi Minami’s way of making an apology and expressing her contrition!

Kyary was visiting France for her “100%KPP WORLD TOUR 2013” and had a chance to appear on the local Tv program called “Le Petit journal”.You can watch the footage of the show thanks to someone who uploaded the video below on youtube.

When asked about a series of events regarding Minegishi, Kyary answered,
“I know, I know.” then she continued,
“In the world of Japanese idols, they are very strict about relationship.

It’s like – in return to male fans supporting idols, the idols keep herself away from love and relationship in their private lives, and devote to their job as an idol.”

The host of the show asked Kyary “what about you?”.

Since Kyary is an artist and singer, she just unemotionally answered,
“Because I’m not an idol, I can fall in love freely.”

To no surprise to those who now this is what she has repeateldy been stating in media, she added,
“In my opinion, a job of an idol is more or less to suck up to men, like thinking about what they can do to catch male fans attention.

But what I’m doing is something that guys will never love.”

“What I’m doing is more like an artist rather than an idol.”

Hat off to the Kyary, who has gained international popularity and fame and now enjoyed having passionate fans around the world.

Listed below are some of comments from viewers of the video responded to Kyary’s remarks.

“it is a fair argument”

“Holykaw! Kyaryt is on French TV show as a guest!! lol”

“I can completely understand what she said.”

“You know, it’s very tough argument since the definition of an idol is vastly different from person to person.

“That’s what I expected from Kyary!”

“Didn’t know Kyary was an artist….. :O”