Looking back at 48G member graduations in 2013

“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Wingom’s Instant Japanese Lessons: 2 – Giving and Receiving

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

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Sashihara Rino livens up the movie premiere of her starring movie Muse no Kagami My Pretty Doll



HKT48 Kenkyusei Stage PARTY ga Hajimaruyo!! Kayano Shinobu shared touching backstory


HKT48 Kenkyusei (3 members from 1gen, and 21 members from 2gen) held their Shonichi Stage (so called Kenkyusei Stage) at HKT48 theater on Sep 30th. Though official information of this

Kojima! Kojima! Kojima! and one more about Megutan's Panty Flash!


” What in the world is this crazy panty that is not sexy, or Loli nor Kawaii….. something Jasco may sell for 1,000 yen in 3 sets per package…. ”

AKB48 Kitahara Rie made a comment on TV show テラスハウス, where she live with men in the same house


Kitahra On Sep 30th, AKB48 Member Kitahara Rie announced her participation in Fuji TV's new TV program called テラスハウス (Terraced House). This announcement was supposed to be made in the

NMB48 will join LIVE concert along with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SCANDAL, SHINee etc. and one more!!


” I think this is basically a movie targeting at Johnny's Ota. Which means  AKB Ota and Johnny's Ota will encounter at movie theaters…. ” I need to go to the

Iwata Karen shared a photo of her new short hairstyle and 3 more about SKE48 girls


. http://www.tokuma.jp/magazine/entame ← It contains A1 size poster of this pair O: . ” . ” ↑Somehow this laid-back convers teds woodworking ation healed me so much. ” Cute. ” .

Former HKT48 member Komori Yui to resume her activity


. ” So this means she will form a unit with Seinyan? ” Oh she is a girl that Amina defended…. ” I think it's gonna be tough coz there's

Furukawa Airi will guest the Anime TV show as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ota and 2 more!


.  . . ” I couldn't help but save this photo…. ” Say, Yamamoto, Yamada, Yagura, and Watanabe… NMB members have such Ero girls… ” ↑ Please include Riichan in the

Shinoda Mariko (jokingly) refused Katayama Haruka to join team A (Takajo Aki';s birthday) party


. ” Will Tomu and Wakanyan also join the party? ” Though this is not Senitansai, she said full members? What's going on with team A? ” Probably the 2nd

AKB members got hurt by harsh words from female Morning Musume fan and one more!


Seven Eleven's Christmas goods catalog has AR marker beside each item. When you pass your smartphone over the marker, AKB48 member, who is preparing for Christmas pop out in the screen and start

SNH48 theater, the real life 0048 theater!?!?


” I kinda feel I finally could find the light of hope, after I've been devastated by the dismal news about SKE…(´;ω;`) http://www.snh48.com/ ” This is awesome…!! ” Will members

HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura awakened something in me….!!


. ” This is violating the law… I mean this is just too much cute… ” I don't want overseas Anime Otaku who loves Moe and Ero to discover Sakuratan!!!!

Which Female Group is Nogizaka46? → Many people mistook SKE48 with Nogizaka46


Something weird happened during the today's broadcast of All Star Kansyasai Quiz (オールスター感謝祭クイズ). And it's stirred up a fuss among 48 group fans. When a quiz asking of total 4

Kobayashi Yoshinori shares his impression from talking with Sashihara Rino for 意気地なしマスカレード


A little while ago, Sashihara Rino shared her impresson on the dialogue with Kobayashi Yoshinori. On the same day, several fans witnessed Sashihara and Kobayashi Yoshinori at Ramen stall in

AKB48 Katayama Haruka changed her hair to black, now no one can call her BBA


” Black hair does justice for girls!! Anyway, Haachan is getting cuter and cuter!! ” Somehow she looks so translucent with black hair…. Yeah it's a contrast…. ” This is

Kashiwagi Yuki to have her first regular solo radio program "Kashiwagi Yuki no Yukirin Time"


“Important announcement” that Yukirin suggested during the Sep 22th's broadcasting was…. now turned out, Kick Start of her first regular solo Radio Program. Unfortunately “French Kiss no Kiss Razi!” will

AKB48 Team Surprise 5th, Kimi no C/W released, unit members are Mayu, Paruru and Akicha


” The new song is so nice, it's a up beat tune, and everyone looks so cute. Personally I love this unit the best among all units!! ” MV is