Iwata Karen shared a photo of her new short hairstyle and 3 more about SKE48 girls

  September 30, 2012
Matsumura Kaori 9/29 15:29

What's wrong with this picture?

I bet this is quite difficult.

Matsumura Kaori 9/29 15:29

1 Komeda.
Aigasa Moe 9/29 17:54

It's so hilarious !₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛


http://www.tokuma.jp/magazine/entame ← It contains A1 size poster of this pair O:


Yagami Kumi 9/29 20:44

I heard Typhoon is heading for Japan…
I'm worried about people who will come to attend the handshake event in Fukuoka tomorrow;;

Everyone, please take care ・ω・

*While Handshake event of AKB48 in Osaka was cancelled due to Typhoon warning, HS events of SKE48 in Fukuoka, HKT's Kenkyusei in Fukuoka is being held just normally.

Suga Nanako 9/29 20:46


Yagami Kumi 9/29 20:47

What's up Suganana ・ω・

Suga Nanako 9/29 20:49

SugaNana (#゚Д゚) LOL

No… Nothing special??


↑Somehow this laid-back convers

ation healed me so much.


Yagami Kumi 9/29 20:53

So she is with me right now lol

Why don't she talk to me directly in person lol

This is how our communucation will be like with Internet in everyday life lol

Communication (in person) is important, isn't it ・ω・

Suga Nanako 9/29 21:04




Iwata Karen 01/01/1990 00:00

The debut of my new shot hairstyle~!

DateMusume in short and bob hair☆

Today I went shopping with Juri~♪

It was so fun(>_<) Actually I'm maniac about collecting hats. So I bought 3 hats in various shapes today ^^ (skip) Yamagatake got bashful because Juri flatter about my hairstyle too much← So everyone, what do you think about my new hairstyle?

*Date(伊達): the old name of Sendai, her home town, it's taken from the surname of the ancient battle lord Date Masamune, and synonym of “Handsome (man)”. Usually this word is used with “Otoko” to mean “handsome man” = “Date Otoko”.

*Yamagatake is a nickname of Karen, derived from her mistake in Kanji test at her school, where she wrongly read this Kanji word “山岳” (Sangaku), Yamagatake.

Nakamura Mariko 9/29 21:06


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  1. Mario Medves says:

    It’s a trend now have short hairs. Karen, Kuumin..