Karen Iwata’s Outstanding Presence In ‘Ariyoshi Kyowakoku’ (2 more stories about Haruyama’s Ads and Rena)

  May 9, 2012

3 members of the 13th gen made their first appearances on the midnight TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku last night.

Sho Aikawa, an actor whose classic Yankee roles in movies are greatly loved by Japan’s population, also made a guest appearance in this episode.

From the very beginning, the 13th gen members were acting rudely, which made KitaRie and Kojiharu (MC) furious and they both scolded them. However, they didn’t change their attitudes, so it soon ended up turning into a fight… although this was soon resolved by Sho Aikawa standing up, shouting and preaching at the 13th gen members (naturally, it was a joke and he was smiling slightly throughout).

In this episode the 13th gen members enrolled in the Gachinko AKB club, where they are trained in Spartan education by a strict mentor, the former Boxing champion Seiji Takehara and 3 of AKB’s team 4 members, including Karen Iwata.
Shinobu Mogi
Ryouka Oshima

Renacchi “Can I have Tomato sauce?”
What the hell are you saying?
It’s supposed to eat with lemon!! How come you say such a rude remark!!
Kawaei “Can I order rice??”
Come on, it’s rude to order rice in Italian Restaurant!!
We have breads!!! Breads!!
It’s still 5:30AM!!
It’s too early to wake up!!
Karen “Every morning is the serious fight against the rising sun!!!!”

Karen is currently starring in the Anime AKB0048 as Seiyu, the protagonist of the story along with Mayuyu and other 7 AKB members.
Without knowing anything about her, barely anyone would ever think that she’s 13 y/o (She is just as old as the 3 members of 13 13gen or even younger!!!). Even though she looks young, her poised attitude, her burning ambition shining through her eyes, and her speaking ability make her one of AKB’s potential stars in the years to come.
Only Karen has an elaborate hair style, which explains her dream to be a Broadway actress 
Meanwhile, Rena-Ota were very pleased with Rena’s return to SKE48’s Magicalradio, which aired on TV every Tuesday.
Rena-Ota must have been really happy that Rena performed her own solo short skit.
Some Japanese fans have already expressed relief with the new Haruyama’s commercial that features 7 AKB members with NORMAL hair styles.

Last year’s ads for the same company’s commercial had been really unusual, especially because Mayuyu and Kojiharu had appeared to have Samurai in Doyagao faces while Takamina’s hairstyle looked like Hane of calligraphy.