AKB48 Members Top10: Idols With The Best Booties

  August 1, 2015

In recent years, bit butts have been truly back into fashion thanks to a group of idols that show off their big booties — some even call themselves booty sisters!! Check it out the best booties of AKB48 that everyone is talking about in the fandom!

AKB48 Girls With Best Butts

  • Watanabe Mayu

  • Takayanagi Akane

  • Matsui Rena

  • Hirata Rina

  • Kato Rena

  • Watanabe Mayu

  • Watanabe Miyuki

  • Matsuoka Natsumi

  • Shimazaki Haruka

  • Sato Shiori

  • Yamamoto Sayaka

  • Furuhata Nao

  • Oshima Yuko