AKB48 Arcade Shoot-em-up “Sailor Zombie” gameplay preview is open to public!

  February 15, 2014

AKB48 Arcade Shoot-em-up 'Sailor Zombie'

The hints of a shoot-em-up arcade game featuring AKB48 have been dropped by Bandai Namco Games for a while now, they’ve even got an official micro site to feature the up and coming game – but today, Bandai Namco games finally dropped the gameplay preview!

The members that are confirmed to be in the game are:

  • Kojima Mako
  • Nishino Miki
  • Iriyama Anna
  • Kawaei Rina
  • Watanabe Mayu
  • Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Oshima Yuko

You can compare the Zombie versions of these members with their real faces below:

Apparently, it looks like that there will be a rythm / dance / music element included in the game as well by looking at this screenshot!
AKB48 Arcade Shoot-em-up 'Sailor Zombie'
How that’s going to work… well, let’s just hope the good blokes at Bandai Namco came up with a solution that will satisfy both shoot-em-up and rhythm game fans!

Sailor Zombie Stage Event at Makuhari Messe

AKB48 Arcade Shoot-em-up 'Sailor Zombie'

Japan Amusement Expo 2014

Earlier today (14/02), Umechan and Suzuran attended the Stage Event at Japan Amusement Expo 2014 in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe to test play the game and present it to the press.

The idea of the game is to save the AKB48 members by shooting them with vaccine-injected bullets to turn them back into humans.

Asked for their impression after finishing the play-test, Umechan said “I’m so impressed and surprised at the same time of the idea of mixing both idol and zombies in one game (lol)

She also added that “I really enjoyed the game a lot. It was so fun AND scary at the same time, but the sense of achievement after you manage to save a member felt so good! Everyone, please lend your help and save the members that’s been turned into zombies!!!


Character selection screen?

Screencaps from Sailor Zombie Gameplay Preview

Sailor Zombie AKB48 Shoot-em-Up Caps

Yuko: Mayu, listen! Besides you and me, everyone’s been turned into zombies!

Sailor Zombie AKB48 Shoot-em-Up Caps

Yukirin: Yuko-chan! Save me!!!

Sailor Zombie AKB48 Shoot-em-Up Caps

GAOOOOOOOOOOO NOM NOM NOM *angry Yukirin-zombie*

Sailor Zombie AKB48 Shoot-em-Up Caps

The one gun to save everyone!

Sailor Zombie AKB48 Shoot-em-Up Caps

AKB48 – The Zombies you can meet!

Gameplay Trailer

Source: Famitsu News