Takajo Aki appears on Indonesian TV show as Center of JKT48!!! [2 topics]

  April 22, 2013

1. Let’s watch “AKB48 Youtube Battle! Who’s AKB Video Center” 1st episode

2. Takajo Aki as Center of JKT48 on Indonesian TV show

As previously reported, AKB48 will put youtube videos created by each of 48G member and decide AKB Video Center based on the number of youtube “likes”.

AKB48 group “Youtube Battle” on upcoming TV show “AKB Video Center” hosted by HKT48 Sashihara Rino

Hosted by Sashihara Rino, the very first 4 members who unveiled their youtube videos tonight were Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin), Umeda Ayaka (Umechan), Kawaei Rina (Ricchan) and Ohya Shizuka (Shiichan).

Unexpectedly this seems to be a low-budget show even thought it’s sponsored by Google, but it looks like this sort of laid-back mood of the show got pretty good reception from fans.

Fresh in our memory, again, Kawaei appeared as BAKA Center tonight lol It looks like she finally found a new character that actually suits her other than Lolicon magnet!!!

“I think I’m actually smart, coz I passed ELPT 5!! (is equivalent to JLPT5….)”

“I want to achive Double Million by winning both BAKA Center and AKB Video Center!!” ← impossible to understand what she is talking about… lol

Kashiwagi Natto by Kashiwagi Yuki

HIKAKIN meets Shiichan – Beat Box

AKB BAKA Center by Kawaei Rina

“Dancing Perfume all alone” by Umeda Ayaka

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I still don’t understand why they didn’t make a video of Yukirin smelling Ricchan’s feet…..

and it would be awesome if those dolls “ハステとワステ (her own translation of ’Haste makes waste’)” guested in her video…!

But come to think of it, yesterday’s MechaIke was originally scheduled to be broadcast earlier this month, but because of Yabe’s marriage (One of the host of the show married a female announcer), it was postponed.

And as if it was a destiny, her winning BAKA Center was aired one day before this cheesy youtube video is uploaded!!!