Takajo Aki: It all started when I dropped from Senbatsu in the election

  September 22, 2012

“They suggested various things”
So what kind of things?

So after all, it’s all about the loss in the election..

From any angle, it looks like she didn’t think about it by herself, but she just chose between “Go” or “Don’t go”…

She only had disparate facial expressions….

Yeah, it was obviously not on her own will.

Anyway, she must be very uneasy about all kinds of things….
It’s really lucky that former Harugon will be with her…

Obviously it looks she is not willing to go to Jakarta….
I guess Yasusu asked her to choose between graduation or transfer to JKT48…. It’s all our fault that we couldn’t support her enough in the election…

Probably those choices given to her were about teams where she she will transfer to? Or they said something like… she won’t be selected for Senbatsu from now on as a member of AKB48 but she has a choice to transfer…?

Either way, the thing is Akicha made the final decision (Even if it7s just because she had no choice but go to Jakrta). So I just want to support her so that she can achieve results there.

By the way, she was studying Indonesian language with that text book even when she was on the airplane.

Her expression tells everything.
Obviously she had no choice but go Jakarta.
But because Akicha is a serious girl, she consider this as her destiny, and is trying to do her best.
It’s just because she is serious about this that she suffered stomach pains…

Looking at this footage, I kinda feel Akicha Ota must go to Jakarta to reduce her anxiety…

I still can’t figure out the reason why she was shedding tears in GachiGase…..

I don’t think she was told to graduate AKB48 immediately but they might have told something like she would have no special treatment as a member of AKB48 from now on, or maybe even if she would remain in AKB48, there would be no chance for her to become more popular.
After all, among all suggestion she received, transfer to JKT48 was the most acceptable one for her.

↑ Which means other suggestions were unimaginably awful…
By the way, what will happend to French Kiss?

↑ I can understand you didn’t mean any offence but your comments are a bit rude to JKT48.
Besides, if it’s Akicha, I don’t think she will think that way.
She probably think what will benefit her the most rather than what is the most acceptable offer.
That’s how I feel from her comments on the transfer.

↑ Anyway, you’re not Akicha so there’s no telling what’s in her mind.
And you should accept that people can have different thoughts, see things in different ways.
After all, I think this transfer is a shocking event for AKicha.

It’s understandable that compared to Harugon, Akicha looks unwilling to do thins transfer.
Though I can understand if you’re fans of her, it’s hard to look it that way, or want to add some positive twist to it.
On the contrary, Harugon looks so positive about the transfer that made me think she may be fine even if this was the permanent transfer.

↑ Definitely. That’s because compared to Harugon, Akicha has too many things that she might loose because of this transfer…
But I think it’s great of her that she could decide on it that quickly.

After all, since when the transfer of Akicha has come up in the conversation among the management?
It’s said to be since the hot pot party at the house of Watanabe production’s president….

Akimoto Yasushi 3/19 21:26

The truth.

We had a little trouble regarding French Kiss’s new song.

So we had the urgent meeting at the house of the president of Watanabe Entertainment.

As we were eating Kimchi hot pot, Takajo said she loves news TV show.

But looks like she doesn’t prefer solid news.

So what the heck is news that even Takajo can understand?

Regarding Kuramochi, I asked why she was depressed yesterday.

She talked a lot about it, but it didn’t make any sense to me.

You wear too much of makeup.

Kashiwagi is jut eating, eating.

Ohya looks like she is already bored of this situation, as she is using the smartphone in her hand.

Sato Natsuki is talking with adults.

Kuramochi Asuka 3/19 21:28

Damn! You just wanted to say “too much of makeup”!!!!(ㆀ˘・з・˘)
Takajo Aki 3/19 21:30

I like easy news.

Akimoto Yasushi 3/19

You can’t buy me with delicious dishes, Takajo.

It’s impossible.

Takajo Aki 3/19 20:57

Please forgive me for the sake of the delicious dish.

Takajo Aki 3/19 20:59

Please forgive me for this delicious dish’s sake

Akimoto Yasushi 3/19 21:00

Kuramochi. What do you think about Takajo?
Takajo Aki 3/19 21:01

You can be honest to yourself.

Kuramochi Asuka 3/19 21:03

I love Akicha, as well as Yasusu….?

I will support her!!


Sato Natsuki 3/19 21:03

Akicha! Don’t rush to conclusions!
Takajo Aki 3/19 21:05

Then, I will be slow!

Akimoto Yasushi 3/19 21:26

Kashiwagi. Why are you crying?
Takajo Aki 3/19 21:04

Yukirin, isn’t it about time for you to come up…

Kashiwagi Yuki 3/19 21:09

Because it’s hurting me(´Д` )♪
Takajo Aki 3/19 21:10

I can see it took a lot courage for you.