Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

  August 31, 2012

Another proof why 2ch is such an awesome place where awesome fans share and give each other. This time they share Shimazaki Haruka’s (aka Paruru) pictures.

AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka - Paruru AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka - Paruru AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka - Paruru

I…. I can’t resist her anymore…….. She is damn cute….

In the last photo, she looks absolutely stunning…..

What the heck??

What happened to Akarin’s face!?!?

Paruru in the Tokyo dome Mook (*Book + magazine = Mook) published by Shunkan Bunhun is sooooo cute…..

You mean this one?

Yes…. I was just casually browsing the book at a convenient store, but because she was so cute, I keenly remember her photo in the book.

Paruchan SO looks like Neko.

I LOL’d at how her thighs are impeccably beautiful.

Thank you handsome men. Thanks to you guys, now my Paruru folder has decent collection.

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