Haruka Shimazaki Too Cute To Live

  May 26, 2012
“Don’t you think so?

I do.
LOL This is totally an angel.
Paruru, Kawaii, Kawaii.
“超Ultra Kawaii” is the word created for Paruru.
Please give me more pictures of Paruru~.
Sorry for having said you have an insect-like face….
She is especially cute in 4th picture
I thought it’s Mayuyu in 3rd pic.

It’s conceited of her that she dressed in cute black swimsuits (Because she is Ponkotsu?).
Somehow she looks like Akicha in some pics.

She is a natural beauty.
LOL TOO CUTE! I can do nothing but laugh.
Dude! Paste images more!!
I don’t mind if she wears clothes (not in swimsuits).
It’s been a long since I last saw someone made this thread.
She looks adult in this photo she took with Yuihan.
This is a bit old but relatively famous image of her.
I’ve followed her since her audition, and personally think she looks different with different makeups,  lights, cameramen and Gravures.
In recent months she’s become sophisticated and grown up.
(KKS era)
 (Special feature of Ace of next generations by Playboy Japan)
 (Last year’s Up To Boy
I love 6th pic. (<- I can't agree more)
(*)From the beginning, she is said to be that she can stack up to 神7 in terms of looks and aura of an idol.
The question is whether she has an determination and seriousness to be an idol.
(**)She has become more and more promoted since this spring, but because they wisely promote Mittsu and let her goes ahead of Paruru, they can successfully defend Paruru from severe bashing. 
(in reply to *)I don’t think she has kept her looks always the best.
When she was KKS, even through the eyes of Paruru Ota, she sometimes looked a bit ugly as she was still not so sophisticated….
(**)I had felt sorry for Yuihan as she got all the bashing last year….
I didn’t imagine Paruru would be promoted then.

Recent Young Magazine goes Retro Modern style.
Personally I prefer memew or Up To Boy which don’t put excessive makeup (on idols).
LOL 2nd pic is so erotic!!
I approve this is an angle lol
This is ridiculous… she is too cute….
Her charm is all about her voice and facial expression.
After you get interested in her through cute pictures, watch TV or videos! You’ll never fail to be Paruru-Oshi.
I agree with you. Her only good points are her face, looks and visual.
Can you add her voice and relaxing manner of speech?
With this cuteness, tons of middle aged male fans rushed to her at Shake-Hands event~
LOL Why only Ossan???
Paruru was ridiculously cute in Music Station….  
She is completely being an angle.
I have no idea WHAT IS SHE.
Era of Paruru has started.
Not only she has been sophisticated but her stage performance got the aura something similar to Acchan, I think. But, off the stage, she still looks childish for me….
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